The Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company is hoping that donations of quarters for a worthy cause will stack up well among local fundraising efforts.

David Esdaile, now Figueroa Mountain’s tap room manager, has been raising money since 2003 for local nonprofits by collecting quarters from his patrons. The stacked quarters create a column, fondly known as the Scane Tower, named after his grandfather, who was its inspiration.

“My grandfather, George Scane, had a little pub in Lambeth, South London, and he would collect pennies from his patrons and stack them around a pole at the end of the bar,” Esdaile said.

When the coins had been stacked as high as the ceiling, patrons would gather around to watch the demolition of the column. The coins would be donated to the local hospital, and the whole process would begin again.

Esdaile has now started a Scane Tower to help raise money for the local nonprofit SCI Research Advancement.

For well over a decade, SCI founder Will Ambler has been raising funds to find a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries. Now that science has found a promising method, the next step is to apply these findings through a human clinical trial.

“Human clinical trials are not cheap,” Ambler said. “We need to raise three million dollars to get the ball rolling, and with the help of David Esdaile and the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company in Buellton, we will get this done.”

“Each of the quarters is dipped in stout, which makes it sticky and easy to stack,” Esdaile said. “Beer is the glue, in more ways than one. When the tower reaches the ceiling we give it a good whack and the tower comes tumbling down. This is our fifth tower, and we are happy to help SCI in its endeavor to get people out of wheelchairs.”

“It came as a great surprise and an honor to be a coin-tower recipient,” Ambler said. “I say a surprise because they had already started the tower before they informed me that SCI was to be the recipient.”

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, at 45 Industrial Way in Buellton, is open seven days a week for the summer, from 4 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, call 694-2252 or visit

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