Daughters don their mothers’ wedding dresses
Ticktockers wearing their mothers’ wedding dresses from the 1980s spiced up a National Charity League business meeting, just in time for Valentine’s Day. //Contributed

How does one make a business meeting more interesting and more enjoyable? Ask a teenage daughter, combine it with an unrelated subject such as, what wedding dresses looked like in the 1980s when mom was married, tie it in with Valentines Day, and you have a very novel and highly enjoyable meeting entitled, “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Thus a great idea was born between Meredith Stewart and her mother Staci, who is the National Charity League local chapter’s president and is always on the look out for a good idea.

On Monday, Feb. 7, mothers and daughters from the seventh- through 12th- grades met for NCL’s monthly business meeting. It began with some encouraging words from Linda Johansen of Atterdag Village, thanking the organization for all its help and reminding everyone that in life, “the point is to make a difference … as it is a profound thing,” and that there is “nothing better you can do with your time, than to give of yourself.”

Kathryn Morgantini, a ninth-grade student, perfectly exemplified Johansen’s comment and was recognized for the giving of her time in the amount of 59.25 hours so far this year.

“All of the mothers and daughters are dedicated philanthropic workhorses, contributing huge numbers of hours to good causes around the Valley,” said Sheridan Force, NCL member.

Then came time for an unusual jaunt down memory lane, offering an almost historical glance into the past, when fashion and style of the 1980s was questionable to some of the 2011 girls.

Morgan Laughlin sang, “There is Love” while a white carpet was rolled down the isle of the Veteran’s Hall and 5-year-old Vera Sieck walked her way down, tossing pink and red rose petals, as a prelude to the 16 young women, modeling their mother’s wedding dresses from a by-gone era.

What may have seemed dated to the girls’ standards, the gowns, in actuality, were all quite lovely, and brought nostalgic sighs of romantic recollections from the moms, and humbled laughter of the girls as they realized what a beautiful effect this had on the mothers, adding sparkle to the evening’s purpose.

“You would have thought it was an actual wedding with all the flashes of cameras going off and the oohhs and ahhhs being heard throughout the room,” said Force.

And staying true to the season, and good form for any meeting, a delightful offering of heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes and other refreshments were provided, reminding everyone that Valentine’s Day is a time of love, and with love comes charity, commitment and a future.

The flower girl Vera, the granddaughter of one of the first NCL presidents, Maggie LePley, represented the future and reminded everyone of the continued need for people who want to serve this community, and how National Charity League is doing just that.


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