The following is taken from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department commander's recap for the Santa Ynez Valley patrol. Those appearing as "arrested" have only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

Sunday, Aug. 27:

ARREST — An alleged theft at the Chumash Casino led to a pursuit along four highways with speeds in excess of 120 mph and ended with the arrest of three people.

About 7:30 a.m., a man and two women were captured on surveillance cameras taking a purse on the casino floor and taking it to a bathroom to remove the contents.

Confronted by casino security personnel, the trio became uncooperative and left in a black Chrysler four-door with paper license plates and left on Highway 246, passing two deputies who were headed toward the casino for the purse theft.

Deputies attempted to stop the car, which accelerated to more than 100 mph and passed other vehicles over double-yellow lines as it headed east on Highway 154 toward Santa Barbara, where two other deputies attempted to stop the Chrysler near Cathedral Oaks.

The driver evaded the deputies and headed northbound on Highway 101, driving recklessly at speeds in excess of 100 mph. The California Highway Patrol was notified, but units were out of position to join the chase.

As the pursuit approached Refugio Beach, the Chrysler driver increased the speed to more than 120 mph, but because of limited visibility from fog and danger to the public, the pursuit was again terminated by deputies.

CHP units spotted the car exiting at Highway 1 and heading toward Lompoc, and it was eventually located just east of Santa Rosa Road. While deputies maintained a perimeter with CHP units, they determined the suspects were in the brush and chaparral near the Lompoc Police Department shooting range west of the highway.

A Lompoc police officer arrived to provide access to the area, and both K-9 and air support units were requested to aid in the search. Deputies tracked the suspects on foot and eventually spotted them hiding in a large patch of poison oak, where they were called out and taken into custody without further incident.

The three were identified as Nancy Lopez Perez, the driver; Lawrence Rico Albanez, who had a no-bail warrant out for his arrest; and Maria Catalina Garcia. They were booked into Santa Barbara Jail on suspicion of theft, conspiracy to commit a crime, resisting arrest and fleeing from law enforcement with willful disregard for safety.

Wednesday, Aug. 30:

ARREST — After a vehicle rear-ended another just after 10 a.m. at Mission Drive and First Street in Solvang, deputies determined the driver of the car that struck the other had never been issued a license.

Deputies also said Sandra Garcia Gutierrez had a recent conviction for the same offense, so she was taken into custody and her vehicle was impounded.

Thursday, Aug. 31:

INCIDENT — A deputy was called to the Rite Aid in the 600 block of Alamo Pintado about 12:40 p.m. for two dogs that had been left in a car with the windows rolled up.

The person who called told deputies the dogs had been in the car for more than 15 minutes, so the person and a veterinarian opened the door and took the dogs inside a building.

About five minutes later the owner arrived and was reunited with his dogs, telling the deputy he had stopped to get lunch and had been gone about 20 minutes.

The veterinarian said the dogs were not in distress, but had they been in the car any longer, they might have been.

INCIDENT — About 9:45 p.m., a deputy contacted Travis Weiman at the Chumash Casino and discovered a no-bail warrant had been issued for his arrest.

A subsequent search of his car allegedly yielded a small quantity of methamphetamine, so he was taken into custody and booked on the warrant and suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

Saturday, Sept. 2:

ARREST — Deputies on patrol allegedly observed a woman stumbling along the grass area parallel to Fjord Drive near First Street in Solvang about 5 p.m. She allegedly tried but failed to get into a red Mini Cooper, falling to the ground in the process.

When deputies contacted her, she allegedly emitted a strong odor of alcohol and had red, watery eyes and slurred speech as she told them she had a “Duber driver” en route and displayed an Uber app on her phone. She allegedly admitted drinking but said she was not going to drive.

Asked for ID, the woman said she was 22 and provided a Connecticut ID that listed her date of birth in 1995, but she said she lived in Santa Ynez.

When deputies ran the vehicle numbers, the registered owner was listed as Ashleigh Lebard with a date of birth in 1998. However, she insisted that was her real ID.

After being placed under arrest on suspicion of being drunk in public, deputies found a California driver’s license in her wallet with a date of birth in 1998 and another fake Connecticut ID.

She was transported to Santa Barbara County Jail and booked on suspicion of providing false identification in addition to public intoxication.


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