A number of students from Dunn School in Los Olivos will work with professional scientists and researchers this fall at world-renowned college and laboratory facilities.

Nine science students applied and were accepted to the School of Scientific Thought at UC Santa Barbara, a Dunn School spokesman said.

There, they will work on projects in chemistry, physics and molecular biology — including genome editing and experimenting with the physics of lasers.

Students selected to participate are Carson McKinnon, Carter Stacy, Skyler Storm, Macey Turbrow, Arisa Waters, Rene Zepeda, Allen Lin, Ian Lamm and Roni Ann Curtis.

In addition, senior Grant Ovsepyan will work with a professor at UC Irvine exploring research activities in gas and analytical chemistry, the spokesman said.

Also this year, junior Theo Brown will work with the renowned Jackson Laboratory, which has facilities in Sacramento, Bar Harbor, Maine, and Farmington, Connecticut, to explore the impact of a warming environment using bioinformatics and molecular analysis.

This report was compiled by News Editor Mike Hodgson. He can be reached at mhodgson@leecentralcoastnews.com.