Dan Baumann


After casting his vote on the next-to-last agenda item Thursday night, Buellton City Councilman Dan Baumann officially resigned from his position.

“That’s it for me,” Baumann said, drawing laughs from the rest of the council and audience members.

Baumann had to step down from the council because he is moving out of the city — to Hawaii.

“Council member Baumann has turned in his resignation — he’s already packing up his bags,” Mayor Holly Sierra said as Baumann closed his laptop and prepared to leave the dais.

“We have … a parting gift for you,” she said, handing him a white, plaque-size box. “We truly appreciate the service you have given us, and I know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this. It’s not as easy or as glamorous as it looks, and you’ve put a lot of time in this and it’s appreciated. We are going to miss you.

“I’m glad they’re going to be sending you back and forth, so we’ll get to see you every now and then, maybe in the audience — probably not,” she added before giving Baumann a hug.

“I’ve really enjoyed this. It’s been a learning experience, for sure,” Baumann responded. “This is a great community. I’m going to miss it — a lot — and hopefully things will continue in the right direction, just as I think they have for the last few years.”

As Baumann shook hands with council members and left the dais, Councilman John Connolly paid him a final tribute.

“Hey, Dan, before you leave, I just want to emphasize what you did for this council,” he said. “Essentially, you came in as your own person and not representing someone else … except for the community itself. You never came in with interest groups.

“I felt from the beginning, from the time you entered here, not only did you have excellent, innovative thoughts but you applied them with a fair and selfless manner, and I just want to thank you for what I’ve learned from you.”

After Baumann sat down in the audience, Sierra commented, “Well, you didn’t go far.”

“I want to watch the fun,” Baumann said, referring to the council interviewing three applicants and picking his successor.


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