A pattern of moderate to fresh, 13 to 24 mph offshore Santa Lucia winds will start developing during the night and morning hours Thursday, shifting out of the northwest during the afternoon and continuing through Sunday.

The weather pattern will produce mostly clear skies and typical seasonal temperatures through Monday.

The long-range models are still advertising a chance of light rain on Friday, Oct. 20.

Santa Ynez Temperatures

Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed

40/79 37/81 37/79 37/84 36/83 38/82 40/76

Seawater Temperatures

Ocean water temperatures will range between 54 and 57 degrees through Sunday.

Surf Report

Strong to gale-force, 25 to 38 mph northwesterly winds generated an 8- to 10-foot northwesterly deep-water sea and swell, with a 7- to 11-second period, on Wednesday that will continue into Thursday, decreasing to 7 to 9 feet with the same period Friday.

A 4- to 6-foot northwesterly deep-water) sea and swell, with a 7- to 11-second period, is forecast along our coastline Saturday into Monday. A moderate-energy Gulf of Alaska swell could arrive Oct. 19 and 20.

A 2- to 3-foot Southern Hemisphere deep-water swell, with an 18- to 20-second period, is forecast along the coastline Sunday into Monday.

Your Weekly PG&E Safety Tip

Downed power lines are dangerous. Never touch them.

For safety’s sake, always assume that a fallen power line is live, and follow these guidelines: a) Avoid touching the downed line with your hand or an object, like a stick, broom or pole; b) Avoid touching anything, like a car, object or equipment, or anyone who is in contact with a fallen power line; c) Keep children and pets away from fallen electric lines; d) Avoid driving over a fallen power line; e) Call 911 immediately to report a fallen line.

John Lindsey is Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant marine meteorologist and a media relations representative. Email him at pgeweather@pge.com or follow him on Twitter @PGE_John.


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