Itemizing Trump wins

This letter is in response to a Sunday letter entitled, “A military diversion.” It would have been humorous were it not for the fact the writer apparently really believes what he wrote.

First, he accused President Trump of redirecting attention from his Russian connections, which have been proven to be completely false. He called the president’s base “naïve” concerning his agenda. Apparently, he is not aware of the rise in the stock market, increase in jobs, border security, disbanding of countless regulations that have done no good and have hindered business growth, the appointment of a true constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, etc. All of this despite a hostile liberal press and almost 100-percent obstruction from Democrats.

He called the president’s rhetoric against certain countries “demonizing.” Has he not noticed North Korea’s efforts to mobilize missiles that can strike the United States, or Syria and Iran’s threats against the United States? Demonizing? I hope so.

But the most erroneous part of the writer’s letter concerns his perception of the military as behind an “all-out war effort.” I was raised in a military family and I can tell you factually that virtually all of the military detests war, and their prime objective is to prevent war. Of course they are trained to be able to fight wars when necessary to preserve, among other things, the freedom for people like the above-mentioned letter writer to express views no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Bill King

Los Alamos

Problems with storm water

So, what is storm water education and outreach?

Both Solvang and Buellton are required under a joint storm water municipal permit to provide public outreach and education to home and business owners, children and target audiences — such as dog owners, restaurants, gardeners, mobile cleaners, construction operators, etc. — to help teach the public the importance of protecting storm water quality, both for the benefit of the environment and human health.

Public outreach and education activities include, but are not limited to, distributing storm water brochures at city offices, special events and/or through the cities’ websites; providing annual storm water pollution prevention to school children; placement of curb markers on storm drains; training city staff and publishing storm water-focused articles in the Santa Ynez Valley News, Chamber of Commerce e-newsletters and water bill inserts.

In addition to these activities, the cities recently relaunched its Close the Poop Loop Campaign to target unattended pet waste, which is one of its largest sources of water pollution. We will be planning a creek cleanup event in September.

The cities utilize storm water surveys/quizzes collected at events and through the cities website to help identify the outreach areas requiring more focused attention during future planning activities. To take a storm water survey, find out about volunteer opportunities or for information about the storm water management program in your city, please contact the following: Buellton Public Works Department at, or call 688 -5177, or; Solvang Public Works Department at, or call 688-5575, or

Mary Zepeda

City of Buellton


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