Big event a success

On behalf of the Atterdag Village of Solvang Auxiliary I would like to express our gratitude. Without the support of the people in the Valley and surrounding communities the success of the Artisan Faire & Treasures with Flair wouldn’t have been possible.

We are so fortunate and blessed to live in such a caring and compassionate place. The positive feedback we’ve received from those who attended our fund-raiser is awesome.

A huge thank-you to the many talented artisans who came to our first event and shared their talent.

The success of this event is due in large part to the efforts of the AVSA members who volunteered, sharing their energy, talents and time. A special thanks to the very talented Auxiliary member Karen Brown. who created Grandma’s Attic.

We couldn’t have accomplished this great day without the help of Executive Director Chris Parker and the wonderful Atterdag staff who made everything happen.

Debbie Knight Marketing Director who did a fantasist job with publicity and social media. Gary Hall, director of operations and the maintenance crew who were always there to help the auxiliary women.

Thanks to David Brown and the Boy Scouts who assisted the Auxiliary with setup, and the National Charity League members who helped at the entry booth.

We would like to extend a huge thank-you to all the businesses that donated to our raffle. Coupled with generous support of the community members who attended, commitment from the Auxiliary members and the Atterdag staff, a fabulous day was had at the Artisan Faire & Treasures with Flair fund-raiser.

Diana Richardson


Atterdag Village of Solvang Auxiliary

Schools should sell land for full market value

On Oct. 10 the Solvang school board was presented a letter from the Solvang Lutheran Home regarding their wish to purchase property above "Elks Field." The superintendent went on to talk about how money from the sale could be used to fund his "world language" program that he is proposing to the school.

Board members did comment on the very low numbers provided in the letter, but the superintendent did not offer any comments on the dollar figures and stated he would carry this forward for consideration.

The Lutheran home reportedly has an appraisal on the property for a value of $125,000. They referenced a prior offer for $250,000 to the school, plus a current offer where they would like to secure a lease and an option to buy the property for $325,000. Nothing was said about how much land, but it appears to be more than 2 or 3 acres when you look at the parcel maps.

The biggest question is whether a school should ever sell land? If they do sell land, that could become high density senior housing, then they should sell it for its full market value at the price that brings the highest value. This appears to be an item that is under the radar.

Don Bratt



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