Don't blame peaceful Muslims for attacks

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but peaceful people who are being blamed for the violence created by a small group of radical Muslims trying to get rid of western culture. These radical Muslims believe that their ways are correct.

Examples of these incidents are the London Massacre in June 2017 and the recent attack in New York City. Non-Muslims think that peaceful Muslims are the reason why radical Muslims attack western civilization. One example of Islamophobia in America is Muslim children who are bullied at school when it is clear they weren’t involved with the attacks.

According to Rebecca Clay with the American Psychological Association, “According to a 2015 study of more than 600 Muslim students by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, more than half had experienced bullying —twice as high as the national average.”

I have a friend who is Muslim, and he always kept his thoughts to himself and avoided fights but almost got into a fight with a peer because of his Muslim background. These bullying situations are the result of non-Muslims thinking that these Muslim kids’ parents are affiliated with the terrorist groups and would give vital information to them. I recommend that non-Muslims respect peaceful Muslims because they are not the reason for the terrorist attacks.

Conrad Vargas


Recycling is the goal

As garbage increases, pollution increases as well. This is why California should have a strict recycling law and enforcements because garbage ends up in fields, which is bad for the environment and causes health issues.

When trash ends up in fields, toxins can affect the soil and crops. This would seriously affect California’s economy.

Also, garbage takes many years to decompose. As the Environmental Protection Agency states, “Biodegradable materials may decompose over many years, while non-degradable material, such as glass and most plastics, remain at the site.”

Furthermore, greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. That affects the weather, resulting in heat waves or droughts. The trash thrown on the streets eventually ends up in the ocean, thus affecting the ecosystem of marine life.

The pollution caused by human carelessness can affect the fetuses of pregnant women and can cause physical deformities and health problems.

The government should promote awareness and provide economic incentives to help people who recycle plastic bottles, aluminum, cardboard, and old appliances and computers. However, California residents need to take the initiative and recycle on our own. We can donate our clothes or things that we do not need to Goodwill, or give them away to our friends instead of throwing them away in the garbage to end up in the landfill.

We have to be aware of our actions, because everything has consequences. If we want a clean, beautiful environment, let’s take action and recycle.

Esther Perez Paz

Santa Maria

Capitalism under siege

Thinking global warming threatens only polar bears and a few Pacific Islanders is foolish.

Already climate change is hurting agriculture, airlines, all outdoor-worker industries, fishing and many more.

Eventually unchecked fossil fuel use will end capitalism.

Demand we end all fossil fuel use as soon as possible if you want to protect capitalism and money-making in general.

William Gloege

Santa Maria


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