Fair theme should be more inclusive

I was shocked and disappointed when I heard the theme for this year's Santa Barbara County Fair: "Cowboys & Carousels."

This title is not inclusive. There are cowgirls in the world as well as cowboys, so why are fairground administrators excluding females from the fair theme?

I have sent a letter to fair officials requesting the 2018 theme be changed to be inclusive of all people (and succeeding years' themes be inclusive.) In a world full of wonderfully diverse people, themes/titles should be inclusive and inviting, thereby embracing the world in which we live: people of all genders, heritages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In my letter to fair officials, I included some suggestions for themes such as: Joy to the World; Peace for All; Dream On!; Let's Play!; Never Stop Smiling!; Food, Fun and Family.

Jeanine Brooks

Los Alamos

Working to be American

What has made this country great is immigrants who have come to this country through legal channels to assimilate to our culture, become a citizen, speak our language and wave one flag, the stars and stripes of the United States.

My parents came from Russia and Italy, were sponsored, came through Ellis Island in the early 1900s. They were proud of their new country. I had the chance to learn these two languages but my parents were so proud to be Americans, they learned and spoke English only.

My father was a carpenter and did masonry, and never was he on welfare, but President Franklin Roosevelt started the WPA, a work program that if you worked you received a small wage and bags of vegetables.

My father was one of the many who set the rock wall at Revere Beach in Massachusetts. You did not receive any handouts if you did not work.

What makes illegals come to U.S. is to better themselves, but they do not try to assimilate to our ways. Instead they continue their old country’s ways. Some of them expect the same rewards given to citizens and then demonstrate against this country as if they had legal rights. Wait your turn, go though the immigration system like others who have waited their turn.

We welcome law-abiding immigrants to this great country.

Anita Dwyer


Lady Liberty is weeping

Here we go again, another undocumented immigrant involved in a crime against citizens of this country. First, Marilyn Pharis, we've been waiting three years for a verdict. Then Kate Steinle, whose trial in my opinion is a miscarriage of justice, and now Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, the Uber driver charged with multiple rape and robbery infractions.

In all three cases immigration status has been deemed irrelevant. What about the status of Lady Justice? She is portrayed blindfolded, modestly clad in a toga, holding a sword in her right hand, and a scale in her left hand. She originated in Roman times and is a symbol even today of our justice system.

The modern version would have no blindfold, but an Antifa bandana, her sword hidden behind her back, the scale unbalanced by 30 pieces of silver, a folded newspaper topped with a brick labeled slander and lies. Her toga would be askew with one breast exposed, and the bottom half sullied in the mud of politics and political correctness. Which version do you see?

I bet Lady Liberty has laid down her torch, put down her tablet, and is probably covering her head in her hands, weeping for our country and what it has become. Wake up everyone!

Bill Potts

Santa Maria


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