New species, old problems

The Santa Ynez River is a state-protected riverine wildlife area. It is also the water source of Lompoc's well field for our clean drinking water.

Most of the year the river is dry, but occasionally the Bradbury Dam upstream releases water under court order. A legal decision long ago, based on the California Constitution, ruled that no dam has the right to kill a natural water course. Therefore, this water, which has been recently released from the dam, is a blessing for the wildlife, for our city water, and a blessing just to see the beauty of the river with water in it.

Later in the winter Lompoc also receives about 14 inches of rain, which is not very much rain for the entire year.

The wildlife population has changed of late, with the familiar species pushed out by newcomers. The favored species now is the uncommon Homo Non-habilis, an emergent species characterized by thriving on no home and no work. Of course they are parasites.

Alarmingly, this species is known to carry infectious diseases, such as hepatitis C, hepatitis A, HIV, tuberculosis,and lesser hazardous agents.

Overall, these invaders are like locusts. They arrive, they destroy, they leave when no more easy resources are provided for them to plunder.

David Grill


Drones eye L.A. citizens

We read recently of the Big Brother syndrome — drones — perpetrated against the citizenry of Los Angeles. In the name of what?

George Orwell, where are you? The nove “1984” was considered ludicrous, but here it is. Is Santa Barbara County next?

The Gestapo had similar capabilities that they exercised with effectiveness against those who opposed the regime, but stopped by Dwight D. Eisenhower, thank God. So are we next?

David W. K. Godrich

Santa Maria

Turn off the NFL

This is to encourage all of us NFL watchers to continue to turn off the games until the players all stand up during the national anthem. As a veteran I think they are disrespecting every veteran and all of those men and women who gave their lives so these players can make millions and continue to disrespect all of the dead and wounded veterans.

This is not the venue for First Amendment rights. We come and watch football to forget the garbage going on and enjoy the game — men of all colors playing a great game. By the players not standing, putting their hand over their heart and respecting our national anthem we all need to turn off the NFL games and send a message since the national TV networks will not show the fans in the stadium booing and showing signs. Make the owners and Goodell feel the financial pain.

If these NFL players really want to make a difference then they can take their families to Richmond, Pinole or Oakland and walk the streets with the real people. See what needs doing and not buy a new Escalade this year and support a family.

Then go to the local police department and sit down with the officers who put their lives on the line every day so those people have a chance of being safe. The bad 1 percent should not blight an entire country and its cities.

Based on 2016 statics, 111 Hispanics, 325 whites and 258 blacks were killed by police out of a total of 990 reported. Some of every color have lost their lives. Too many men and women have died defending our country for these prima donnas to not show them respect and honor.

Jeff Scott




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