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Guest Commentary: “We are doing a lot of listening.” It’s something that a lot of us could benefit from out here in California, especially as we take the time in our hectic post-vaccine world to slow down, celebrate life and come up with ideas and plans to make the world a better place.

GUEST COMMENTARY At six months, President Joe Biden faces a tough situation. The COVID issue has changed under his feet, passing his ambitious agenda with the flimsiest of legislative majorities will only get tougher, and public optimism is falling. Difficult political times could lie ahead.

Dear Heloise: I had several pairs of pantyhose, so I washed them, dried them and placed onions in the legs. After I place an onion in the pantyhose, I tie a tight knot to separate it from the next onion. This lets air circulate around the onions and prevents rot from spreading from one onion to the next. When I want an onion, I just snip off the bottom onion because the knot at the bottom keeps the other onions from falling out. -- Alice C., Ludlow, Vt.

The author of the show, Erik Stein, writes in his introductory notes, that he believes people in the same room, sharing an experience together, is essential to life. I couldn’t agree more...

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