Trikke Tech Inc. of Buellton has launched Trikke Professional Mobility to supply regional and national police agencies, government departments and private security companies with personal electric transportation units, a company spokesman said.

Trikke has been building human- and electric-powered cambering three-wheeled vehicles for recreation, alternative transportation and law enforcement use since 2005.

Its Defender, which uses the patented three-wheeled cambering frame, is designed for law enforcement patrol, emergency response and event oversight and has already been adopted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, D.C. Housing Authority, the California State University Police Department and the San Diego Harbor Police, the spokesman said.

The backbone of the new Professional Mobility division, the Defender will be joined by Trikke’s most powerful model, the Police Interceptor, which was unveiled March 26 and 27 at Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas.

Restricted to law enforcement agency use, the Interceptor provides improved tactical response times, increased visibility and expanded patrol coverage with all-wheel drive, a collapsible lightweight body, speeds up to 37 mph and a range of 30 miles.

The law enforcement package includes six ultra-bright headlights, emergency lights, an air horn and a siren, said Scott Campf, CEO of Trikke Professional Mobility.

Campf said security and law enforcement groups continue to expand and modernize their mobility options, so Trikkes are now being deployed by police and security teams worldwide.

“As we are a solutions and customer-based firm, our vehicles continually evolve based upon the feedback and changing needs of our clients,” Campf said. “As all our units are sport-based, these powerful platforms pack a punch with full siren and lighting suites while garnering serious respect.”

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