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Southern California-based competitive eater and YouTube star Raina Huang will eat her way through the Santa Ynez Valley.


SoCal-based competitive eater and YouTube star, Raina Huang, returns to the Santa Ynez Valley to attempt four eating challenges. 

After tackling Solvang Danish Days “Aebleskiver Eating Contests” on the morning of Sept. 21-22, Huang heads over to Chef Pink’s Spicy Korean Chicken Wing Challenge at Solvang’s Root 246, and then consumes an entire taco line-up at Chef Conrad Gonzales’ New Cisko Kid Eatery in Los Alamos. 

Last year Huang broke the Danish Days Aebleskiver-eating contest record by consuming 36 of the doughy pastry balls in the allotted 5-minute competition time, hands-free.

Both 5-minute Aebleskiver eating contests slated for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 21-22 at 11:30 a.m. in the Midgaard Pavilion in Parking Lot 2, in downtown Solvang, adjacent to the Danish Days Viking Beer & Wine Garden at Copenhagen Drive, between First and Second Street.

Both all-you-can-eat contests are free to enter. All ages are welcome, and the public is invited to compete with Huang.

Prizes will be awarded to non-professional eaters in two separate age groups on both days.

Third competition

On Saturday evening, Sept. 21, Huang will take on Chef Pink DeLongpré’s spicy Korean chicken wing challenge at Root 246, at Hotel Corque, located at 420 Alisal Road, in Solvang.

The public is invited to spectate as she eats as many of Chef Pink’s “KFC” (“Korean Fried Chicken”) wings as she can handle, within a set amount of time.

The challenge begins at 5 p.m., and curious fans are invited to dine after the competition.

Root 246 will be offering a special Solvang Danish Days weekend three-course, prix fixe menu, as well as an exclusive Danish Days cocktail, “The Danish Mint Julep,” a mint-infused aquavit cocktail with dark rum.

The three-course menu will entail Smørrebrød, a smoked local whitefish with pickled shallots and fresh dill on grilled rye bread, with small farmers lettuce salad, Flæskesteg, a roasted Niman Ranch Pork with crackling, pickled red cabbage and caramelized heirloom potatoes, and strawberries with fresh cream and sugar. 

Fourth competition

Huang's fourth foodie competition is set for 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22, at Chef Conrad Gonzales' new eatery, Cisko Kid, located at 346 Bell Street, in Los Alamos.

The new restaurant enterprise shares the historical building known as “The Station” with Ranchos de Ontiveros Wines. 

In the Sunday challenge, Huang will work her way through all of the taco variations which have appeared on Gonzales’ numerous menus — a wide-ranging taco line-up to include an octopus version, salmon, and the chef’s signature pork belly tacos, among other taco creations all served to the competitive eater on Gonzales’ house-made, hand-pressed tortillas.

To follow Raina Huang's Santa Ynez Valley eating adventures, visit her YouTube channel at youtube.com/RainaHuang or Instagram at @rainaiscrazy.

Lisa André covers Valley Life for Santa Ynez Valley News. 


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