Ravishing color and form reflecting the richness of autumn is on view this month at the Cypress Gallery. Add to that the lure of beauty and the wonder of marvelous places, and you might just find yourself in the state of desire.

In his show “Paintings of Parks,” featured artist Neil Andersson has transformed the front gallery space into a jewel box of dazzling, covetable landscapes, beginning with the showstopper “Marsh with Gray Sky,” a large oil that depicts the wide lagoon at the mouth of the Santa Ynez River at our own Ocean Beach Park. It is a supreme example of an artist dedicated to capturing local beauty. Working the style of contemporary impressionism, his work represents a full range of moods and experiences.

Andersson is a plein air painter, going out weekly to various locations to paint on-site. He is frequently accompanied by fellow artists who also feel that communing directly with nature through their craft far outweighs the drawbacks. Weather conditions are not always optimal. The sun cannot be directly on the canvas, and positioning the easel is a constant concern. The works on display are the result of his painting outings in public parks and demonstrate that he truly has mastered the art of wrestling with the elements.

Every one of them is a delight, especially for those who have visited the familiar terrain. “Kiwanis Lake at Midday” recalls the gentle breeze and splashing of water birds. Smaller works take the viewer down the pleasant sunlit paths of La Purisima State Park and the Buellton Botanical Garden.

Andersson orchestrates warm with cool colors, but all hues are subtly applied: his blues have tones of lilac; and his greens tones of yellow; his lilac have tones of gold. Fans of impressionism will find in Andersson a contemporary master.

Works in the main gallery contain bursts of therapeutic fall color, be it in paintings, photographs or glass.

Vicki Andersen has three large acrylics of her forays into Venice, Italy, in which she channels Van Gogh and delivers such wonders as “Venetian Orange” and “Serenissima.”

Yours truly has on display “Earth Centered,” a red-orange barn off Jalama Road, with the planet Earth inside.

Edward Heinitz has a marvelous illustrative watercolor of “George Washington” in profile, with apple-red cheeks.

Rosalea Greenwood has stretched her wings a bit this month, with an abstract watercolor called “Luna Rose,” incorporating iridescence, splattered blue, red and violet paint into a mysterious moonlit night.

Artist Kristine Kelly creates gorgeous paintings on, or I should say, within, glass, in which the elements of nature are created with various colors and particles fused together.

Beverly Messenger, whose prime motif is the enchantment of bamboo, presents a mixed media piece called “Bambuddha.” It could be described as a whimsical wall shrine of various elements, including bamboo, verdigris copper and crystals.

Joelllen Chrones goes beyond the decorative with her glass utilitarian objects. Case in point: a blue and black divided plate is an abstract painting as well as a serving platter.

We hope you were able to stop by to see all the winners of our October fall show. We loved having the public vote. The People’s Choice Award for September went to Lee Hill for his portrait of a beloved old truck.

Come by in November, select from our handmade unique gifts, vote for your favorite piece, and fall head over heels for art. Own it!


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