041219 Evan Rayder

PCPA theater student Evan Rayder attends the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society luncheon, where he was honored. 

Evan Rayder, a second-year PCPA technical theater student, has been named an All-California Academy Team member by Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. 

Rayder was invited to Sacramento in March by the international honor society for community college students to accept a medallion of honor and a certificate recognizing his accomplishment. The program recognizes top students at the state level. 

In his application, Rayder wrote an essay discussing some of his biggest challenges, including being the lead flyer in the recent "Peter Pan" production.

“This award was particularity special to me because I never really saw myself as that extraordinary," he said. "I was just always happy to work hard and do my best in what I love. For once, it was nice to be recognized for my work and be able to appreciate and recognize myself and feel good about what I've achieved.”

After completing his work with the PCPA this summer as master electrician, Rayder said he has set his sights on Disney or a cruise line for the next step in his career. 

He credits his training at PCPA with giving him focus in identifying his goals while providing an amazing support system and said the knowledge, skills and abilities he takes away are tools that will successfully build his future in the theater and performance industry.

“I would not be headed down the path that I am with such promise without PCPA,” Rayder added.

Resident PCPA lighting director Jennifer ‘Z’ Zornow said that Rayder’s leadership position on "Peter Pan" was a responsibility he took very seriously as he worked with other crew members to insure the show ran smoothly and safely.

“Evan is an exemplary student, is eager to learn, not just what is taught in the curriculum, but what he can learn from the experience of the professionals in the company," Zornow said. "He is a natural leader, a quality that emanates from a desire to do the best possible work for the project at hand.”

Lisa André covers Valley Life for Santa Ynez Valley News. 


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