Wildling Museum and Santa Barbara Zoo collaborate on art show

Art from Solvang School students is on display at the Santa Barbara Zoo in a collaboration with the Wildling Museum.

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Thanks to a new collaboration between the Wildling Museum of Art and Nature in Solvang and the Santa Barbara Zoo, the creative animal art of 50 students from Solvang School and 40 from Montessori Center School can be found this summer at the Volentine Family Gallery in the Discovery Pavilion at the zoo until early October. The student show is in conjunction with the Wildling’s newest show, "Animals A to Z," which opened in June.

"It always gives me great joy to tell a student that their artwork has been chosen for an exhibition. The look of surprise and then pride in their eyes always reminds me why I chose to be an art teacher and inspire their creativity," said Solvang School art teacher Devon Espejo. 

Solvang students worked on a variety of animal art projects throughout the year — giraffes, bejeweled Indian elephants, close-ups of animal eyes and other projects. That diversity is showcased at the Zoo’s Discovery Pavilion gallery.

Montessori students focused their efforts on origami creatures. One colorful effort on display is a butterfly and a penguin each made up of individual origami creatures. They also made strings of cranes that hang from the ceiling.

“We are so proud of the work of all the students and especially the creativity and initiative of both teachers in working with the kids and us in preparing the zoo exhibit,” said Stacey Otte-Demangate, executive director. “It’s exciting to think of the amazing exposure their artwork is getting to the thousands of zoo visitors that will go through the gallery this summer.”

The student show is just one aspect of the collaboration between the Wildling Museum and Santa Barbara Zoo. The artistic creations of several zoo animals are part of the Wildling, along with some video of them enjoying their painting activities. Zoo staff also loaned an X-ray of a rosy boa to the show. In the staff’s effort to represent each letter of the alphabet with at least one artwork, they also made sure to include several species that can be found at the zoo and then marked them as such in the show.

Both the zoo and the Wildling animal art exhibitions will be on display through Oct. 9.

For more information, visit www.wildlingmuseum.org.

This report was compiled by Mary Ann Norbom. You can reach her at mnorbom@leecentralcoastnews.com. Follow her on Twitter @MANorbomSYVNews


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