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Author, Vahid Imani

The Book Loft in downtown Solvang will hold a book signing event for local author Vahid Imani on Sunday, Feb. 24, from 1:15-2:15 p.m. Imani's new historical fiction book, Shadow of Kingmakers, explores an igniting conflict between the western powers in Persia.

The story introduces a new perspective on the nature of super powers and their desire for control over newly discovered oil fields in Iran during 1924. Humanity’s cross-cultural love for one another is thwarted by societies’ lust for power as Imani details the stories of American, British and Russian intelligentsia’s efforts interweaving with the daily lives of people in Persia.

“Often overlooked in any espionage are the stories of the ordinary people – caught in between duty, honor, and survival – who frequently pay with the ultimate cost,” Imani explains. “In the Shadow of Kingmakers explores this human cost of campaigns for control by ambitious western powers.”

In June 1924, Major Robert Imbrie arrives in Tehran undercover as U.S. Vice-Consul. His mission is to covertly establish a listening post along the northwestern borders of Iran to spy on the Soviet Union. Upon his arrival in Tehran, he is marked by British intelligentsia to be an instrument of the United States’ failure to access Iran’s lucrative oil business. The secret struggle to control the region’s oil fields and other strategic advantages is heating up among the super powers.

Major Imbrie’s fate pulls civilians and spies alike into the whirlpool of this international uproar. The people involved – all dutiful to their beliefs – form a colorful group of characters that takes the reader to a journey deep into their diverse culture and way of life.

The digital format of the novel is available on most online stores including Amazon. More information is available at www.ShadowKingmakers.com

Lisa André covers Valley Life for Santa Ynez Valley News. 


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