Politicians may lie,  but their handwriting doesn’t

Lena Rivkin shows Sara Palin’s handwriting at the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation SoCal Chapter.

Members of the Southern California Chapter of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation held a symposium Sunday, July 1, at the Ventura Public Library to discuss what the handwritings of some national politicians reveal about their personality.

Each of the presenters, while all professional graphologists, are multifaceted. Chapter President Sheila Lowe is also a mystery writer. She opened the meeting with a brief talk on spatial arrangement, writing form, and writing movement, which provided a framework for those in the audience who were first-timers to handwriting analysis.

Lena Rivkin, a noted artist, started the main discussion with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin. Clinton’s writing reflects intelligence, endurance, strength, and strong organizational skills, Rivkin said. Palin’s writing demonstrates a people-person with a strong self-image, who is gregarious and enjoys being the spotlight, Rivkin added.

Rivkin also analyzed the signatures of the vice presidential hopefuls, which was all that was available. Signatures on their own are like the cover on a book, and may not reveal what’s inside.

The extremely tall capital letters in Marco Rubio’s signature suggest a compulsion to live up to the ideals of his father (who is deceased). Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal both have illegible signatures, which erect a wall of self-protection around them. Pawlenty’s is so disintegrated that practically nothing is left to read — all is hidden. It would be important to see additional writing to form any real conclusion about his true personality. Jindal leaves a huge space between his names, which indicates some inner conflict about his feelings toward his family of origin.

 Marjorie Satren, who is also an actor, spoke about Joe Biden’s ability to grasp information quickly and to look at both sides of a situation — he’s a good negotiator, according to his handwriting.

Susanne Shapiro, a respected harpsichordist, presented Condoleezza Rice, saying her handwriting is well-organized and artistic, and shows she knows her place in the hierarchy.

I spoke about President Obama and Mitt Romney. Romney’s handwriting is highly simplified with tall upper extension, which reveals a more intellectual than emotional orientation. He goes right to the bottom line and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. A quick thinker, he can be a bit impatient with those who can’t keep up with him. The last name in his signature is emphasized more than the first, indicating respect for the family name.

 Barack Obama’s is a very different style of handwriting from that of his opponent, with more emphasis on people than ideas, an excellent communicator who knows how to get his thoughts across. The many tiny hooks in his writing suggest tenacity, which can work for or against him. His illegible signature indicates a deep need for personal privacy.

 The meeting ended with a plea for help. Cursive handwriting has been removed from the core curriculum of schools in 48 states, including California, and attendees were requested to write letters to legislators.

A copy of the short presentation was made available with letter templates and suggested addresses. Visit www.campaignforcursive.blogspot.com

Sheila Lowe of Ventura is the newly appointed president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF). Local resident Gerry Shepherd is also on the board of AHAF’S Southern California Chapter.


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