Doris Banchik Moxley

BORN 5/9/1948-DIED 10/20/2017

Doris was born in Brooklyn, New York near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Her childhood years were spent with her father Sidney, who owned a Dairy Store, her mother Cele, a homemaker and her two older brothers Norman, of blessed memory and Joel. Her uncle and his family lived in the same small apartment house. A few years ago there was a television show titled “Under the Brooklyn Bridge” which reminded Doris of the way they lived in those days. The defining moment in Doris's childhood was when her father died suddenly when she was only thirteen years old. Later Doris admitted that his death affected her more than she let on to her family or friends.

Shortly thereafter their Brooklyn neighborhood began to deteriorate rapidly. The family sold their apartment complex and she moved with her mother and brothers to Elmont New York, on Long Island. Her mother went to work to support the family and Doris became a latchkey child. She graduated from Elmont High School and completed her undergraduate degree in Nursing at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduation she returned to New York City where she became a medical-surgical nurse. In a very short time she became the head nurse on her unit at New York Hospital.

A few years later she became interested in mental health and she applied to and was accepted by Yale University where she earned her Master's Degree in Nursing. She joined the psychiatric nursing faculty and a few years later was appointed Chair.

Her intellectual drive persisted and a few years later she saw an opportunity to combine her medical prowess with her administrative and organizational skills. She applied to and was accepted at Harvard University where she earned her Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Upon graduation she accepted a position as a health care stock analyst in San Francisco. Within a short time of her move to California the stock market turned down and firm had to implement a reduction in force. As a new hire she lost her position, but was swiftly recruited to a health care company in Los Angeles to join a newly formed Psychiatric Services subsidiary as its Chief Financial Officer. It was through this company that she met her future physician husband. They first met at a company reception, began dating and a few years later were married.

Both Doris and her husband, Jack, concluded that they were not made for the corporate world. Consequently, they independently founded consulting practices specializing in advising academic institutions on adapting to the rapid changes occurring in the health care world.

Theirs was a beautiful love story. Both had New York backgrounds, were in similar fields, shared an office, and lived in a condominium in Playa del Rey, CA. Then on a weekend visit to Santa Barbara they were offered tickets to a wine festival in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley. It was a beautiful Spring day and both were mesmerized by the pastoral elegance of the Valley. A few weeks later they made a return trip and after several more, despite being committed urbanites they began to look at real estate.

Soon thereafter they purchased a property with no home, a stone barn with two horse stalls, a tack room, a small three-room apartment, and a fantastic view of the Valley. They settled in, built a home, and as the electronic communication world matured moved their office to the property.

They enjoyed twenty-five marvelous years in the Valley. They developed many friendships, traveled to various parts of the world and raised a few cattle. Doris, always open to a new challenge entered the real estate world, became a broker, and served on the board and as president of the Santa Ynez Valley Real Estate Association.

Life could not have been better until late 2015 when tragedy struck. Doris was found to have colon cancer metastatic to the liver. Despite the excellent care that she received, and her courageous fighting spirit, over time the cancer won the battle. She died in the home that she loved in the valley that she loved in the presence of her husband.

She was buried near her mother at Mt.Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

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