Mike Brodowy

Mike is survived by his mother, Marcella Brodowy, and his two sisters, Melissa and Michelle. Mike liked to go on adventures throughout his life. He was the kindest person that you could have met. He was such a giving and caring soul; always helping his family, friends and anyone who needed it. He had more love in his heart than anyone we knew. Mike was always loyal to his friends and would have given you anything he had.

If you had had the pleasure to talk to him he would have encourage you to follow your dreams. Mike loved fishing, motorcycling, camping, BBQ's, and being with family and friends. He impacted many lives and he will surely be missed by many. We will always love him and miss him; a brother, a son, a friend, and a helping hand to many. Life always brings us challenges and while Mike had more than his fair share, he never allowed that to harden his heart. He never stopped trying and never stopped caring.

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