Key members of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation hosted the Solvang Senior Center dinner on Nov. 15. A “cozy crowd of appreciative members” welcomed Team Chumash, according to Ellen L. Albertoni, executive director of the Solvang Senior Center.

“They served a perfectly delicious meal of slow-roasted pot roast, roasted winter root vegetables, potatoes and an over-the-top fully loaded green salad,” said Albertoni, who credited Kita Wines, of Lompoc, with providing the wines. “Chef Peter Sherlock went into great depth with the ingredients and food preparation involved in creating the menu.”

After dinner, a delicate apple pie turnover, topped by vanilla bean gelato, was presented for dessert, Albertoni reported.

The Chumash Foundation’s generosity did not stop with the meal, she said, noting that Team Chumash donated two bottles of Kita wine and a gift certificate for two people to The Willows, a steak and seafood restaurant near the Chumash Casino and Resort. They also donated a gift certificate for two at Root 246 for the Senior Center’s evening raffle drawing.

Chumash spokeswoman Teresa Sat, who introduced the galley of servers, made a special point to highlight that staff looked forward to participating in the Solvang Senior Center dinner, noting it was a special way to give back to the community. Her enthusiasm was evident as the volunteer crew numbered more than 20 people and included representatives from every avenue of the Chumash Foundation and Team Chumash family, including foundation public relations reps, IT staff, casino engineers, chef Sherlock, Chumash senior managers, and even a few high school students.

“Many thanks to the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation and Team Chumash for their continued support of the Solvang Senior Center,” Albertoni said. “[They] brightened up a dark fall night with a diamond star meal that many of our members would not have had the opportunity to enjoy otherwise.”

For more information, visit the Solvang Senior Center, located at 1745 Mission Drive in Solvang; call 688-3793; or email