As we move into spring and start shedding our winter clothes, many people are surprised at the weight they have gained during the winter months and over the holidays, and rapidly decide to go on a diet.

Which diet they choose may vary, some diets being stricter than others. But the expectation is the same — suffer food deprivation, for anywhere from one to four weeks, and expect to lose from one to several pounds, depending on how much exercise you add to the mix.

But this type of response to weight gain is not a long-term solution, nor is it healthy. Long term, in order to stay healthy and maintain a constant weight, the body needs to have a routine, and to know at what time to expect food, and to be able to digest it correctly.

Most people are not aware that, according to Korean Constitutional theory, every person’s system is different, and each person has a different body type. Each body type needs a different diet, in order to function optimally, and not gain weight. So, if you are not eating the right foods for your body type, you will naturally gain weight. There are oriental herbs available, to help you reach your target weight quickly, but they are not used like a fad diet.

Their purpose is to remove excess weight, in order to get your cholesterol and blood pressure back into a healthy range, since many people with weight issues also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

This Korean Constitutional body type theory helps to explain why most diets will fail long term. In order to succeed in losing weight, and keeping it off permanently, the real secret is to first know your body type, and then which foods are best for that type. Once you reach your ideal weight, eating right for your body type will ensure that you maintain that weight, long term, without ever adding back the pounds.

Another secret to successfully maintaining your weight is to always eat on a schedule, whether or not you are hungry. Without eating on time, your body goes into stress mode, from deprivation producing excess stress hormones, which can also add to weight gain, But, by keeping to a consistent eating schedule, eating the right foods for you, and not over eating at one meal, because you are so hungry from missing an earlier meal, your body will be able to self regulate, and will adjust itself to its ideal weight.

Another piece of good news is that you don’t need to add excessive workouts at the gym, in order to achieve these results. Walking, jogging, or yoga will produce the same results, and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with less risk of injury, or stress on the body, while you are shedding your excess pounds.

Once you reach your target weight, you will not need to go on crash diets ever again, because your body will remain in balance, and able to maintain a steady weight, as long as you continue to meet its basic needs.

So, learning your correct body type, eating right for it and eating on schedule will not only guarantee you a healthier body, but also the freedom from ever worrying about dieting again.

Dr. Hyun K. Lee has a practice in Solvang and Beverly Hills. He can be reached at 693-5162 or email


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