Cleaning out the eye floaters

Cleaning out the eye floaters

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Eye floaters are not an uncommon situation. They are deposits of varying size, shape, and consistency and normally begin as transparent. Over time, they can develop a darker color and resemble dark strings or specks that float within you field of vision and become quite a nuisance.

As one can imagine, the eyes are an extremely active part of the body and expend the most blood energy. They're sort of like the headlights of a car; if left on for too long, the car battery will run out. This is more or less why people tend to close their eyes when they relax.

When that battery runs low, either through a poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, stress, or a combination of these, liver and spleen energies become stressed and their respective yin and yang energies lose balance. If yin energy is deficient and yang energy is too high, it creates dry eyes. If the opposite is present, it creates eye floaters.

The treatment for eye floaters is to build the energy in the digestive organs and the spleen. The spleen's energy helps control the liver's yin and yang energies. Acupuncture on the spleen and liver meridians balances the yin and yang, which eliminates the floaters.

In most cases, the floaters can be improved or eliminated in about 30 minutes of acupuncture. If they have not disappeared within this period of time, a few visits will eliminate them entirely.

In addition to this, it is recommended that a diet change take place and stress be limited. If not, eye floaters can worsen and other meridians can become damaged over time, which complicates matters and makes you sick and diseased.

Eliminating life's little annoyances is important. Not only do they make a marked change in your quality of life, but when addressed early, you can save yourself from developing more serious ailments in the future. It's always advisable to pay attention to the details.

Dr. Hyun K. Lee has a practice in Solvang, Redondo Beach and Beverly Hills. He can be reached at 693-5162, or at



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