Removing a tree stump from your yard can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have an unsightly stump you need to get rid of, try these painless methods.

Use a Liquid Solution

Liquid stump killing solutions can help you rot the unsightly tree stump away. First, drill 1-inch holes deep into the stump around the perimeter. Fill the holes with a few ounces of liquid tree stump removal and water. Drilling extra holes around the rim of the tree will help you break up the stump later. Wait several weeks until the stump becomes spongy, then break up the remainder with an ax.

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Use Copper Nails

Solid copper nails are a natural way to rot a tree stump. Hammer these long stump-killing spikes into the tree, then wait several weeks for the stump to rot. Remove the rest of the stump with an ax.

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Call a Pro

Sometimes you’re just tired of staring at an ugly tree stump in your yard. If you don’t want to wait for the stump to rot using the above methods, call in a landscaping professional to do the job for you. They’ll be able to assess how deep the roots are, and come equipped with professional tools like stump grinders.

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