Baker Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the new head baker at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery in Los Alamos.

There’s a new baker in town at Bob’s Well Bread in Los Alamos. The bakery and restaurant, which holds court at the entry of the Central Coast town, announced Scott Smith has taken the helm as head baker.

Smith, who grew up in a military family, will work closely with owner Bob Oswaks, incorporating his style to complement that of the Los Alamos bakery.

Since joining Bob’s Well Bread Bakery in November, Smith has reportedly made a strong impression. He has streamlined the baking process and helped to organize and facilitate the many bakery options for the holiday season, according to Oswaks.

The owner of Bob’s Well Bread Bakery said he welcomes Smith’s wealth of knowledge about bread making and managing a commercial bakery.

“We love Scott,” Oswaks said. “His breads are simply beautiful.”

Wizards of baking

Because he grew up in a military family, Smith traveled and moved frequently as a kid. To stay grounded while adjusting to new homes, Smith helped his mother in the kitchen and quickly learned that food helps bring people together.

After high school, Smith received his culinary arts degree from Century Cooking School in San Diego. Upon landing his first corporate position as a cook at the local Hyatt, he discovered his first loaf of Levain bread. When he asked the chef how they achieved the firm crust and soft inside texture, the chef told him it was wizardry.

Smith’s youth and curiosity about all aspects of food led him to San Diego’s Bread and Cie to find out exactly how this wizardry worked. Soon, he was working at the bakery under the tutelage of owner and head baker Charles Kaufman. Over the ensuing years he worked with other bread aficionados, including Jim Williams from Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island; and Chris Jurca from Acme Bakery in San Francisco.

Smith spent the next 17 years at Bread and Cie in San Diego, perfecting the many aspects of bread making and production. As business grew, Smith found he was working more with a clipboard than actual dough; he yearned to get back to the basics. He learned about Bob’s Well Bread Bakery during a job search with the Bread Baker’s Guild. After a series of meetings with Oswaks, Smith moved with his family to the Santa Ynez Valley to work in Los Alamos.

“We couldn’t be happier,” Oswaks said. “Scott rapidly grasped the sensibility of our bakery and he shares our commitment to quality in our products.”

Smith said he’s eager to get back into the origins of his craft.

“I couldn’t be happier about moving to the Santa Ynez Valley and finding a new home for my bread-making skills at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery,” Smith said.

Contact: Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, 550 Bell St., Los Alamos; 805-344-3000; or visit


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