The Buellton City Council is in favor of installing decorative lighting instead of more standard fixtures on Industrial Way, members decided at their Thursday night meeting.

The decorative lighting is estimated to cost $100,000 more than the standard Cobra lighting fixtures, according to Public Works Director Rose Hess.

Hess said the difference in cost is related to the installation, but that the decorative lighting would also require more fixtures.

Councilman Ed Andrisek suggested that the council choose the option that is “as best lit as we can be for the dollar.”

Mayor Holly Sierra said she was in favor of the decorative lighting after she found out the city had already budgeted for it.

“This is a one-time deal, we’re not going back, there’s no redos here,” Sierra said.

At first, councilman Art Mercado said he would rather see the city move towards using the Cobra lights because of the cost difference, but changed his mind to create a consensus — the council was working with four members pending the appointment of John Dorwin Thursday night to fill a vacancy. 

“I’m flexible, I can live with the lights,” Mercado said.

Four years ago, council members told city staff to start an application with Pacific Gas & Electric for street lights on Industrial Way that the company would own and maintain.

Then, the council also wanted to incorporate decorative lighting fixtures.

Later in 2014, staff discovered that standard Cobra head lighting was the only LED option that PG&E would maintain.

During a March 2016 meeting, council members told city staff to eliminate the Cobra lighting and research options for decorative lighting that would be owned and maintained by the city.

Hess came to the council in December 2017 with the news that PG&E had added decorative lighting to its list of options that it would own and maintain.


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