The recreational vehicle parking ordinance that stirred up controversy in Buellton is coming back to the City Council for a revision at the meeting set for Thursday.

Council members also plan to consider temporarily changing the term for one council member when they meet at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 140 W. Highway 246.

Under the proposed revision, residents would be allowed to park RVs — which include boat and travel trailers as well as motor homes — on the driveway to a garage provided there is a 2½-foot setback between the RV and the front property line.

Residents would still be allowed to park RVs on a paved extension of the driveway on the “short side” of the lot with a minimum 2½-foot setback from all property lines and in back and side yards behind a 6-foot-tall fence provided there is a 3-foot setback from buildings and a 2½-foot setback from property lines.

“Based on a quick windshield survey of the city, it appears that most recreational vehicles, trailers and boats can be accommodated under the proposed revised parking locations and that only two or three owners would have to find alternative storage locations,” City Manager Marc Bierdzinski said in a report to the council.

If approved Thursday, the ordinance amendment would have to return to the council for a second approval, likely at the March 22 meeting, before taking effect.

Council members are also scheduled to consider correcting an imbalance in council elections that was created in 2014 when voters approved the direct election of the mayor for a two-year term in the November elections of even-numbered years.

The first mayoral election took place in 2016, when only one council seat was up for election. This year, the mayor’s seat and three council seats are up for election.

To even out the election cycle, the staff has offered two options. One would be for the council to designate one of the offices a two-year term for this election cycle

The option — which the staff is recommending — would be to have the candidate elected to one of the three seats by the lowest number of votes serve a two-year term.

Then, whichever option is chosen, that two-year seat would return to a four-year term in the 2020 election, so that in every even-numbered year, the mayor’s seat and two council seats would be up for election.

Other items on the agenda include acceptance of the dedication of public waterline and trails easements from the Buellton Apartments at 90 Second St. as well as a 90-percent reduction in the bond amount, from $322,360 to $32,236, for the project, which is nearly complete.

Council members also will consider amending the agreement with the Buellton Historical Society to allow the placement of two additional historical markers on the northeast and northwest corners of Avenue of Flags and Highway 246.

And the council will hear a six-month progress report on Buellton Visitors Bureau activities from the Chamber of Commerce, which is under contract to operate the bureau for the city.


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