The prosecution has dismissed a new misdemeanor case filed against a Solvang Animal Rescue founder who was tried and accused twice of disturbing her neighbors with whom she had a longtime feud over her animal operation. 

Julia DiSieno, 58, was charged by the District Attorney's Office with one count of disturbing the peace by loud noise -- specifically, her neighbors Richard and Mary Nohr -- on June 14, according to her complaint filed July 31.

DiSieno pleaded not guilty in August.

A trial date was set for Sept. 24 but was canceled after the District Attorney's Office announced the case dismissal.

On Thursday, however, the prosecution indicated a probation violation hearing will be held in the future, with parties returning Sept. 18 to set a hearing date. 

DiSieno went to trial May 22 on 10 misdemeanor counts of stalking, threatening her neighbors and hitting one of them with her car, as well as violating court orders. The prosecution maintained that DiSieno threatened and harassed her neighbors for months because she saw them as "her enemies."

The defense argued that DiSieno was only harassed by her neighbors because they disliked the animal rescue shelter she operated on her Carriage Drive property. Testimony revealed that the Nohrs never personally witnessed DiSieno throwing rocks at their home, or caught anything on video from their surveillance cameras. 

At the conclusion of trial, on May 25, the jury acquitted DiSieno of assaulting or threatening/stalking her neighbors, but found her guilty of violating court orders. She was sentenced to two years informal probation.

Gina Kim covers crime and courts for Santa Maria Times. Follow her on Twitter @gina_k210


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