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Actress Jensen Buchanan reads a statement to Bradley Asolas and his family during her sentencing hearing in Superior Court on Oct. 6.

Frank Cowan, Contributor

Veteran soap actress Jensen Buchanan, who was released from jail last November after being convicted in a DUI crash, will remain in custody pending her probation violation hearing, now postponed to March 2.

Authorities allege that Buchanan violated probation when her ankle monitor allegedly detected a blood alcohol content level of 0.18 between Dec. 29 and Jan. 11. She was on probation after serving a month and a half of custody time for driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.34 on Highway 154, crashing and nearly killing an Arizona man in 2016.  

The defendant was denied release Wednesday morning, when Judge James Voysey moved the hearing to March 2 due to the court's impacted schedule and expert witness availability.

Buchanan was denied bail at her first court appearance Jan. 18, despite her attorney's argument that the actress had been sober and had complied with all of her custody requirements, even after being evacuated from both the Thomas fire and deadly Montecito mudslides. 

During Wednesday's hearing, Voysey reminded all attorneys to file any information based on Buchanan's electronic alcohol monitoring device results "that you believe the experts will rely on so the court can do its homework and be prepared for the hearing." 

"This is all new science, I think, not only to me, but the entire court system in general," the judge told all parties. "I want to make the right decision based on the merits, and there's significant consequences if Ms. Buchanan was found in violation [of probation.] 

And if she's not, then that's the other side of the coin," Voysey continued. "But I want to do this right and have all the information I can possibly have to make the right decision." 

Throughout her court proceedings in 2017, the prosecution pushed for prison time, while the defense sought probation. At her Oct. 6 sentencing, Voysey sentenced Buchanan to jail and probation, but after listening to Asolas' struggle following the crash that changed his life, told the actress that one infraction would send her to prison.

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