A Dunn School student spent three days shadowing Santa Ynez Valley News staff members last week as part of a program that pairs student interns with local businesses.

Seventh-grader Layla Baker alternately spent time with Claudia Delgado, SYVN’s general manager and advertising executive, and Mike Hodgson, news editor.

While shadowing Delgado, Layla learned about building ads for the print and online versions of the newspaper and helped Delgado develop text used in a series of ads.

With Hodgson, she learned some of the fundamentals of news writing, including the inverted pyramid style and why it’s used and how kickers, main headlines and subheads can draw readers into a story.

However, journalism is not among the top professions on Layla’s list of potential careers.

She aspires to be an artist and is currently interested in the stylized cartoons of Jaiden Animations, so the newspaper staff took advantage of her artistic abilities by coaxing her into decorating the office pumpkins in preparation for Halloween.


News Editor

Mike Hodgson is news editor at the Santa Ynez Valley News, where he writes about local government, special events and the people who live in the Valley. He has been a photographer, writer, news editor and managing editor at weekly newspapers since 1972

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