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Letters to the Editor: COVID-19 and its reality

Letters to the Editor: COVID-19 and its reality

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COVID-19 and its reality

We have all been impacted by COVID in our way and we have seen how case numbers rise and fall. When reading the article “California sets a new daily record of 379 virus deaths” by John Antczak and Amy Taxin, it brought a flash of memories and emotion.

I almost lost my dad in June because he was infected with COVID. He spent almost two weeks in the hospital receiving oxygen and treatments in order to help him fight off the virus. I am so thankful for all essential workers and first responders and all their sacrifices.

Seeing that “California health authorities reported Thursday a record 379 coronavirus deaths and more than 52,000 new confirmed cases as the crisis over the care of the sick deepened,” you worry for the health of your family and others. We still live in fear every day but I also feel as if we are not handling COVID with the same perspectives as other countries and states with lower numbers.

Antczak and Taxin thank you for shining the light on the reality of the cases in our state. When discussing the numbers of cases all over California they show no improvement in the number of COVID cases decreasing. Now they're making schools push back their starting dates for in-person learning. At Nipomo High School we were already told that with cases already starting to climb, going back to school in January isn't ideal.

As a student, it's frustrating because there are students who learn and gain more knowledge with in-person lessons and others that don't that can create a lot of stress and emotions for students.

Silvia Garcia

Nipomo High School

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