Dialysis patients need Medigap expansion bill

It’s been 34 years since my brother donated his kidney to me and changed my life for the better. Now, we do what we can to support dialysis patients in our area and help people better understand just what challenges patients face every single day.

For a lot of them, it all comes back to coverage. As a transplant recipient, it’s a major problem that I’ve experienced firsthand. Three years after my transplant, I lost the coverage I had and needed to turn to other plans that came with big out-of-pocket costs. Other patients across the country are in the same situation.

That’s why we need Congress to pass the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act. It would make Medigap coverage easier for dialysis patients to access, and give some much-needed support for patients struggling to pay their bills.

As a patient, getting coverage is the last thing you want to worry about. You want to focus on your health and taking care of your family, not how you’ll be able to afford your treatment. By supporting the Jack Reynolds Memorial Medigap Expansion Act, California members of Congress can empower patients to put their health first.

Maria Grijalva


Reasons to vote for Larry Elder

Is there a reason to vote yes to recall Governor Newsom and vote to elect the first Black governor Larry Elder? The following are just a few items that Newsom supports and is making worse.

California has some of the highest taxes in the country, the highest housing costs, worst performing schools, terribly maintained roads and freeways.

California has the highest unemployment rate, the highest population of homeless (50% higher than any other state), one tenth of the US population and one third of the welfare cases.

California has the highest gas prices and highest electricity prices in the country and the least dependable electrical grid. California is the only state dependent upon foreign oil with 58% of crude oil used in the state coming mostly from the Middle East.

California has a rising crime rates and also has the highest number of illegal aliens of any state.

California is ranked the worst business environment of any state. Businesses and corporations are fleeing California at record rates. Seventy four companies have relocated headquarters out of California in 2021 and 265 corporations have left since 2018.

So if you support Newsom and the Democrat efforts to destroy California keep him in office. If you want things to change vote yes to recall Newsom and then cast your vote for Larry Elder.

Jeff Bensen


Health-care workers should get vaccinated

To all the health-care workers and educators who refuse to get the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine, I say, "Get another job." Choosing to remain unvaccinated is neither caring nor educating.

Elizabeth Osborne

Santa Barbara


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