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Letters to the Editor: Divisiveness will continue after leaving office
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Letters to the Editor: Divisiveness will continue after leaving office

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Divisiveness will continue after leaving office

Trump is a serious existential threat to America’s continuing democracy. His narcissistic, and Machiavellian personality disorders allow him to misuse the rules of law, even Constitutional law, and utilize without guilt, psychological techniques, and irrational conspiracy theories to implant his ideas through constant reinforcement into the brains of the uneducated, disenfranchised, and many of the wealthy, creating a cult like mentality.

His followers may never change, which could continue to cause a permanent rift between people with divergent views, disparate core beliefs, and different values. By living in Trump’s virtual fantasy world his cultist base is impervious to sound reasoning, rejects valid evidence disproving his falsehoods, accepts whatever he says, and stubbornly obey him like mindless Lemmings.

His lack of empathy for others and acts of unemotional callousness, have bought the Republican party to its knees, allowing him to do anything he desires, even behaving like an autocrat. His unethical, lying, and bullying system of leadership, absent of any integrity or morality, has intimidated most Republican senators making unification, and cooperation with Democrats, almost impossible.

When Trump leaves, he will continue to debase, and discredit everything President Biden tries to do, making authentic collaboration between the parties an impossibility. Trump’s irresponsible, explosive, and exploitive behavior, is actually the behavior of a cunning Machiavellian wannabe dictator who will do anything, immoral, unethical, and illegal to win.

His undemocratic and threatening actions over the election results are prime examples. His actions after leaving office, if not contained will lead to a wider divide in America, resulting in wholesale civil disobedience, and possibly, even an insurrection. His real goal? To become the first American dictator and amass what all dictators desire, untold wealth, and overwhelming power over others.

Trump’s personality disorders are the perfect match for the rebirth of a Machiavellian dictatorship. If he runs again, he might win, if he can continue to control his base in blindly obeying him, and if Republican legislatures are bullied by his threatening immoral behavior into backing him again.

JG Piatt

Santa Ynez



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