Letters to the Editor: Follow the money; Porter campaign mailer criticized; Honesty over innuendo; Voting for Karen Jones; Joan Hartmann for 3rd District

Letters to the Editor: Follow the money; Porter campaign mailer criticized; Honesty over innuendo; Voting for Karen Jones; Joan Hartmann for 3rd District

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Follow the money

We can all access official campaign contribution information by going online. It’s at SBCVote.com. When I did, this morning, it became clear that Joan Hartmann, our county supervisor, has received contributions from lots of average folks. Bruce Porter, however, is getting his contributions from a very small group, a handful, of wealthy donors who have been aligned with the oil industry.

What does this suggest? Joan Hartmann would continue to support the clean, renewable energy economy and jobs that we benefit from now. She's done this for years. This is our best future and she understands it well. Further, her re-election would not affect existing employment in the oil fields.

A Porter victory, however, could result in hundreds of new and dangerous oil wells. The effect of this would be few new jobs and greater threats to the county budget as we citizens would be paying to clean up oil spills and to repave roads after tens of thousands of additional annual trips by heavy oil trucks.

We have plenty of oil already. More than enough, in fact. So much that we even export it. We don’t need more forest fires and contaminated drinking water. What we need is an advocate for the good jobs in the safe energy fields. I'm voting for Joan Hartmann and ask you to consider doing the same.

Seth Steiner

Los Alamos

Porter campaign mailer criticized

Candidate Bruce Porter must think 3rd District residents are a bunch of “country rubes.” Why else would he send out a slick malicious “big city” mailer portraying Supervisor Joan Hartmann as misleading voters with false promises while she crosses her fingers behind her back?

Porter obviously has plenty of special interest money to burn by commissioning his disinformation campaign, but his message is blatantly at odds with reality. We all know that Joan Hartmann is one of the most hard-working, civil, competent, and candid supervisors to serve Santa Barbara County.

Porter attempts to add insult to injury and distortion by including an unflattering doctored portrait of Hartmann in his mailer. It is true that Porter is running against three female candidates, but does he expect to win by cornering the votes of misogynistic males? Would he attack a male opponent the same way?

I may be a “country rube” but Porter’s smear campaign insults both my intelligence and my values. Knowledgeable 3rd District residents will vote for Joan Hartmann, who is honestly mindful of the concerns of county residents.

Lansing Duncan


Honesty over innuendo

I recently received a mailer exhorting me to "vote against Joan Hartmann." I wasn't advised who I was supposed to vote for. However, in tiny letters I found the source: "Paid for by Porter for Supervisor." Perhaps Bruce Porter was reluctant to ask people to vote for him because of his misleading statements.

Porter's mailer claims that Joan broke a promise about the Vista Del Mar School, causing its financial difficulties. He footnotes his claim, but his source cites as causes a combination of the Refugio oil spill and state changes in education funding, issues over which Joan has no control. Then, without any authority, he contends that the negotiations over Camp 4 diverted tax money from education to the general fund. Sorry, wrong there too.

Next, Porter contends that Joan broke some promise about cannabis. Again, Porter's citation doesn't support his statement, and instead states that the County benefitted by an extra $1.2 million in revenue from cannabis operations. He wrongly contends that Joan allowed cannabis into the County without restrictions; Joan has in fact fought diligently to regulate the industry.

Third, Porter asserts that Joan broke a promise about infrastructure, resulting in unsafe parks, bridges, and roads. Yet again, Porter cites a document that doesn't support his contention, the County Road Maintenance Plan. In fact, Joan has consistently voted to fund deferred maintenance of County infrastructure.

If you value honesty and integrity in government over lies and innuendo, please join me in voting to re-elect Joan Hartmann to the County Board of Supervisors. 

France Komoroske 


Voting for Karen Jones

If Karen Jones wins, we all win!

I support Karen Jones for Santa Barbara County 3rd District Supervisor. She is ready to take on the significant issues that impact our community and the broad issues facing the County.

Everyone should have received their Voter Guide and ballot by mail. Santa Barbara County charges candidates $2,166 to publish a Statement of Qualifications in the Voter Guide. This is on top of the candidate filing fee in excess of $1,300. This is a local election; it’s a shame that it is so expensive to enter the race. Karen opts to use social media, her website, interviews, neighborhood and campus walks to get her message out. She will engage and answer any questions you may have.

Karen Jones is fearless, result oriented, and “always open to hearing other people’s ideas and never afraid to expose the fallacies in arguments”.

Karen Jones is not a board sitter. She challenges the status-quo. Being the only woman ever elected to serve on the Santa Ynez Valley Community Services District Board, she has made great strides in getting projects moving forward. It is particularly fascinating that she was selected by colleagues to serve as President of the Board for a second consecutive term.

Karen Jones was elected and serves on the Santa Ynez Valley Airport Authority, representing the users/non-users of the airport. The SYV Airport Authority is responsible for safety, securing FAA grants, county leases, hangar construction, to name a few.

Karen Jones will never turn a blind eye to waste, fraud or abuse of public resources.

Karen Jones stands for trust, moral obligation, truth and common sense. To learn more go to: www.VoteKarenJones.com

Michelle De Werd

Los Olivos

Joan Hartmann for 3rd District

As a daughter who took care of aging parents until their passing, I saw first-hand how dedicated Joan Hartmann is to our senior citizens. Joan worked closely with the staff of the Solvang Senior Center to secure a long-term lease so the Center could stay in its present location.

She is currently doing the same for the Buellton Senior Center, which is located on a County Fire Department site. Talk of moving the Center to a different location proved very unpopular with seniors and Buellton residents, who want the Center stay in its present convenient, central location. Joan helped negotiate a long-term lease for the current Center. She even arranged for the fire department to provide electricity during a power outage, so it can serve as a warming center and food distribution site in an emergency.

In addition, Joan currently chairs the Adult and Aging Network that is developing a Master Plan for Seniors in response to Gov. Newsom’s Initiative. This will determine future policies and procedures for Santa Barbara County seniors for year to come.

In addition to supporting seniors, Joan also chairs the K.I.D.s Policy Network and is the alternate for the County’s First Five Children and Families Commission. She also has promoted policies to ensure the libraries in the County can continue to offer hours, services, and programs to all citizens.

I strongly urge you to support Joan Hartmann on March 3rd. She truly is dedicated to providing critical services to the citizens of Santa Barbara County.

Judith Dale



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