Giving heartfelt thanks

After a 20 year run in the local restaurant scene, The Vineyard House ended its time as caretaker of the historic (built 1907) Andersen home in Santa Ynez on Sunday, March 11 with a farewell party/fundraiser benefitting the Santa Ynez Historical Museum & Carriage House.

More than being customers at the restaurant, strong friendships were made over this time that will be truly missed. So many people celebrated so many special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, graduations on a yearly basis, enjoying the warm special feeling of “our home.”

We are very proud of what we offered the community and believe we gave value along with a wonderful dining experience. The March 11 event was a testament to the loyal following we built up over the years with a very full house enjoying the music of Steve Ochoa, T-Bone Ramblers and the Low Down Dudes.

A BBQ graciously prepared by our local Vikings was also enjoyed along with beverages donated by local wineries. Thanks go out to all the volunteers that day and to the staff of The Vineyard House that made it the special place it was - together we were able to raise over $6,000 for the museum - a true gem in our small town.

The many memories of the very special folks that made our restaurant experience rewarding will not go away as we continue to enjoy the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley as our home and hope to continue our involvement in our community.

Jim & Debbie Sobell

Santa Ynez

Bill that punishes business is irresponsible

There has to be something the elected Democrats eat or drink that causes complete brain lockup. Did you know that State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego, held a press conference with supporters on the steps of the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Building in downtown San Diego to promote legislation they’ve crafted to punish businesses that work on the border wall?

Whether or not you agree with the wall, how completely irresponsible is it of these two Democrats to keep California businesses from providing workers a paycheck.

I was waiting on a rebuttal but as usual these really dumb bills never get brought to light and exposed. Whoever elected these representatives and are currently unemployed should send a note to them letting them know that their cushy, no worries about feeding a family job does not reflect what most working class people have to deal with and this bill is completely stupid and probably unconstitutional.

They also used smoke and mirrors, plain lies and misdirection about the affect on California. They stated the wall would hurt the legal commerce between California and Mexico by creating longer waits at the border. I have not yet seen commercial trucks and vans skirting the border entry and going overland.

Sometimes these bills that are introduced and are solely intended to oppose President Trump need to be shut down by the Democratic Party in Sacramento. But these are the same party members that approved a $77 billion bullet train that will never be profitable or used by most of us.

Jeff Scott



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