Letters to the Editor: Honey bees need protection; Disarm someone, say good morning!; Follow simple steps to deal with crisis

Letters to the Editor: Honey bees need protection; Disarm someone, say good morning!; Follow simple steps to deal with crisis

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Honey bees need protection

There needs to be a ban on bee-killing pesticides called neonicotinoids. Domestic honey bee hives have dropped from 6 million colonies in the 1940s to about 2.5 million today. The threat of colony collapse deserves immediate attention from our policymakers.

Anthony Montapert

Santa Maria

Disarm someone, say good morning!

In five more years, we will be able to look back at where we've been and wonder what happened. Socialism/communism will seem very reasonable, in the beginning, to half the country who hated the 2020 President before his first election.

Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler-types will be in charge. Leaders of this type of government are never in need and never equal to the citizens they rule. They promise guaranteed income, healthcare for everyone, open borders, free drugs, and no arrests for most crimes.

They will extend the "right” to abortions, totally erase the sanctimony of marriage, lower the voting age to 16, give $1,000 to each citizen, bring in the Green New Deal, while excepting every immigrant as a citizen, and promise anything else that will get them elected.

The Constitution will be destroyed; free speech, no weapons, no electoral college, anything that gets in their way. We will have a group of young profane women shouting obscenities at every press conference; worse than the men and women with whom I served in the military.

If we find ourselves in this position, there is no turning back. At that point someone will promise, as Hitler did, "there will be a Volkswagen in every driveway." If you are worried about our youth in the next generation, you will guard and improve where we are now, and the future we can have in this Republic given by God. Try disarming someone, by saying "good morning!" We can do this.

Randy Rosness


Follow simple steps to deal with crisis

Since radicals were unable to whip the citizenry into a frenzy over a proposed hypothesis that the earth is on the verge of near-term destruction due to global warming, their current scare tactic is paranoia over the coronavirus.

In this time of stress, I wish to propose three simple general rules to help cope. First, categorize and separate events into political, financial, scientific and medical. Then seek advice and solution from appropriate subject area experts. Second, follow the formula that I refer to as the FIVE As – ACCEPT, ANALYZE, AVOID, ADAPT, ADJUST.

Accept that a problem or crisis may or may not be of your making or ability to solve. Analyze the contributing root causes of the observed effects. Avoid emotional distress over problems over which you have no control. Fear and anger cloud logical thought processes. Adapt thinking to seek true solutions. Adjust behavior to avoid sources and causes.

As for this coronavirus crisis, follow the advice of medical experts and avoid sources of contagion. Third, and this is my favorite bit of advice, have faith in an all loving creator who will protect you from danger if you believe and take appropriate precautions for your own safety and well-being.

Ted Suchecki



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