Hope for better future for children

Coming to America for a better life, serving in the Armed Forces for five years, I feel so betrayed by our tainted government and having to be subjected to a round robin of accusations and lies.

We are better than that.

I beg and pray that the common people of this great nation will stand up against a gross deception and doom to the future of our children.

Robert Fermin

Santa Ynez

Put students first

The Santa Ynez School Board can’t put students first if it puts teachers last.

Did the board put students first when it retained a principal with a DUI.

Did the board put students first when it gave the retained principal with a DUI a salary increase.

It is time to put students first.

Stop the nonsense – downsize administration, starting at the top.

Ruth A. Kunkle

Santa Ynez

Planning for the 'next step'

My husband and I have just moved into a wonderful retirement community which is an independent living, assisted memory care, rehab/recovery area. He is 80 and I am 76. He began to show signs of memory issues about a year ago.

We live in a beautiful cottage surrounded by trees and flowers and beautiful green grass. The community offers so many activities and we are free to travel if we choose to do that. This is such a stimulating environment and we are meeting very interesting people.

Making the move at this time was a gift from us to our children. We got rid of the accumulation of things we no longer needed and have taken enough with us to be very comfortable and still have wonderful memories.

It surprises me that none of my friends are even considering plans for the "next step" ... even though they are all experiencing health issues.

Carol McMillen

Chula Vista

Oil project imperils water

Attention Golden State water customers in Santa Maria, Orcutt, Lake Marie, Nipomo, Tanglewood and Sisquoc.

Remember during the drought in June 2015 when over 700 of us and our friends, neighbors and members of our community stood in line at the Radisson Hotel for a meeting with Golden State Water officials to find out how mandated water reductions would affect us.

At that time, we realized how important our water is to each and every one of us. Now we are faced with another problem.

As local customers of Golden State Water Co. our water source is being put at risk, because of the proposed ERG oil expansion project in the Cat Canyon Oil Field where hundreds of new oil wells would be drilled through the Santa Maria Valley groundwater basin. These wells will be drilled using toxic acidizing treatments of highly-pressurized and super-heated steam to force it through our water table. Then the polluted wastewater would be injected back into the ground. Well casings can and do fail, and surface spills are inevitable, thus putting at risk our largest clean water source. ERG has already spilled more than any other onshore oil company since 2010.

Steam injection drilling puts our water source at a high risk of contamination. This is not the way your grandfathers drilled for oil.

Tess Blake

Santa Maria  

Treat others as you want to be treated

I know our illustrious California leaders have released prisoners, but have they also released inmates from mental hospitals ? Where is the hate from the left coming from? What has happened to fair and decency, freedom of speech? Is nothing sacred anymore?

When angry losers tear down historic monuments, which does not change history, or when law abiding citizens are accosted for wearing MAGA hats, who is the one practicing freedom of speech? You don't see those who wear Muslim head covers being picked on, or doesn't the news cover this difference?

All we ask is treat your fellow man as you would like to be treated.

Anita Dwyer




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