Impeachment hearings appear to be a dud

So, the impeachment hearings seem to be over; all the “evidence” has been presented and both sides are claiming victory.

What did we learn? First, hearings of this type are very boring. Hours of tedious questions, baiting of witnesses, posturing for political points and searching for something to hang their hats on and when it doesn’t appear paraphrase the responses to fit the “crime”. Then followed by endless hours of “analysis” by the talking heads of the media and internet “experts”.

Very few of the “witnesses” were listening to the so-called conversation that led to the need to impeach the democrat’s nemesis. And those that did agreed that the transcript provided by the Whitehouse was accurate.

The only thing we have left after a couple of weeks of non-stop hot air is that some unhappy bureaucrats and opposing party hacks disagreed with the elected leader of the nation. Who knew that subordinates would disagree with a strong leader?

So, like the last charade this too appears to be a dud for a political party that has nothing left to offer their constituents but empty promises and false accusations.

Ron Fink


Government overreaching on vapes

So it seems, once again, our local officials are as ignorant as the masses. The Centers for Disease Control says that recent lung illnesses associated with vaping have the indicator of THC. I can't stress that enough about recent health problems and deaths associated with vaping. The CDC goes on to say that indicators point to "black market" THC products as the main culprit.

Vaping products have been out for a long time in comparison to the health "epidemic." So here are some more truths.

When government says it's for your safety, it's not.

When government says you do not need a gun, you need a gun.

When government says you are cold, do not take the blankets.

It's not about saving us from ourselves.

It's about control.

It's not about deciding how to restrain government from overreach, it's overreach to make your decisions whether it's what one puts in his or her body, or how to raise and educate ones offspring. No, it's not about unleashing the human spirit and providing services for money, or taxation with representation. It's about controlling (citizens) by those who believe they know better and have ambitions of wealth and power.

It does not take a village.

Government gets in the way. They don't even read their own committee or department reports and findings. Read the CDC's findings. Then try and conclude that they collectively have a cranial capacity better than a velociraptor. I dare you.

Epstein didn't kill himself.

Chris Sheller

Santa Maria

Keeping the holidays bright

Both ends of California have had an unpleasant welcome to the holiday season. Northern California dealt with the wind-whipped Kincade fire in Sonoma County while blowtorch-like winds in Southern California fueled the Maria fire in Ventura County. I thank all first responders, like the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, for fighting on the front lines.

Holiday gatherings will happen, nevertheless. Some drink for fun or to interact socially.

Whatever the reason is, you must take caution. Drinking has dug up many social evils. One vile act is driving drunk.

A drunken driver hit me when I was 16 in 1992. My hearing, talking and walking were damaged.

Alcohol rapidly moves throughout the body once swallowed. You are not to the point where you are falling off the Earth, but feel warm and bubbly.

If you feel different, you drive different. A drink may be one too many. Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Show appreciation to the first responders service by following laws. If you are “a little tipsy”, do not drive! Taking roads like Highway 101, or secret pathways to get home after drinking is foolish.

If you drive drunk, your reputation will go foul. People will be taken aback and possibly avoid rides from you. Who wants a ride from a drunk?

Avoid dreadful consequences and impress people by having a sober person drive you. Do not end the year with an arrest or death.

Be the drinker who follows my words and saves lives. Happy Holidays.

Lori Martin 



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