Learn how to live your best life

I’m writing to encourage readers to live their best life. As a health educator working under dietitians, I believe in the importance of educating the community about healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Sometimes the problem is not that we don’t know what to eat but we feel we have limited resources available. People are too busy and stressed to prepare home-cooked meals and go for evening walks.

What people need are support groups, motivation, and education to have a better understanding of how to live a healthy life. Label comparisons, portion control, and meal prepping are great starting points for those who would like to change their unhealthy eating habits.

Public health offers support from a wide range of categories and these programs are specifically developed to help the community with common burdens in our society.

The goal of public health is to ensure through collective action a healthful environment for all. The community should be taking advantage of preventative screenings, informative fact sheets on healthy living, and participate in support groups. As beautiful as the Central Coast weather is, I would like to see more activity out in our community.

(Don’t forget the sunscreen!) Set goals for yourself and find the motivation within that cannot be taught. Read positive articles about the success of others and be a good influence on your family and the community. From an unbiased perspective without a hidden agenda, we all deserve to wake up with a purpose.

Keela Potter


Looking for justice for Marilyn Pharis

I see that the trial of the two men charged in the death of Marilyn Pharis has been postponed again.

The same Judge, John McGregor, is involved in another trial where sentencing a man convicted of child abuse has been postponed. In both cases you have to wonder what is going on here. In my opinion it seems that the tactic is to delay in the hopes that everyone's memory will lapse and the severity of the crimes will be forgotten.

In the case of Marilyn Pharis, where is the justice? I realize that justice is blind, but shouldn't there be a limit as to how long a case can be postponed? It seems like politics has somehow slipped in and bias has determined an outcome. There have been many murder trials that I can remember that have come and gone while her case isn't even taken up in court after three years.

One was the murder of a man outside an Orcutt bar just over a year ago. Maybe a national cable news network needs to see what's going on here, maybe a congressman. It will be three years in May. Regardless of immigration status, the woman murdered was a citizen, the criminals were not, but supposedly have more rights even with a criminal record. When will justice come for Ms. Pharis?

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Slavery has long existed ... so what?

A recent letter noted that slavery was not created by the United States; it has existed around the globe in various forms as far back as human civilization has existed.

It was based on a multitude of factors and that people of color have, at times, engaged in keeping slaves themselves. In all these respects, the letter writer is historically accurate. But I would also add, "So what?"

The fact that slavery has — and continues today — to exist around the world in no way diminishes the magnitude of this tortured aspect of U.S. history. American historians typically date the beginning of slavery in colonial North America to be 1619. Therefore, in what became the United States, slavery grew and flourished for 246 years before it was legally ended in 1865. And that legacy haunts our society to the present.

A forced and degrading labor system that was based solely on the color of a person's skin resulted in a massive series of prejudicial notions and cultural attitudes that linger to the present. Our society continues to grapple with the deeply harmful effects of these perceptions. Plainly, progress has been slow in the face of continued resistance by those who wrongly believe that skin color dictates intelligence or personality.

Only when society squarely faces its worst aspects can it begin to overcome them and make a more fair and harmonious future for the next generation.

Roger Hall

Santa Maria


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