Need a representative who can cross party lines

The last oil spill from a platform off California was in 1969. That was 49 years ago. The knee-jerk reaction from our representative Salud Carbajal and the Hollywood experts on expanding off-shore oil off California was predictable and follows a pattern of bad representation in California and our country.

I have to think that the oil industry has improved quite a bit since we have had zero spills from any platform off of California since then. Just once I would like to see our elected representative vote with his mind and facts and not mouth party line dogma and the wishes of the elite of Santa Barbara.

Another good reason to split our county so we can escape the death grip they have on electing their puppets. Both of those puppeteers for Rep. Carbajal, I guess, just want to continue to buy oil from Middle East countries, be a slave to their political whims, support terrorist groups and stay dependent on other countries for the life’s blood of oil. And yes I will agree with you naysayers that we will eventually have a spill, but tighter control and inspections instead of the canned ‘no’ answer would have been the intelligent response.

Intelligence disappeared years ago in our elected officials and now all we get is party puppets without one ounce of common sense. This will continue until we all stop voting with the party we registered with and vote for the man or woman that can cross party lines and vote with common sense and intelligence.

Jeff Scott


Legalizing sale of another drug is a mistake

There is a very famous saying; "Sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." Here is a current event of such:

Our country, at large, is worrying about the present acute opioid (drug) epidemic. Yet, our Santa Barbara County and other state counties are considering allowing the legal recreational sale of marijuana. The politicians, at the complaints of the population, are now trying to minimize the use of opioids, but at the same time added another drug to the market, which will create more drug addicts. Does this make sense?  Of course not.

My advice to our politicians is to make sure that they put aside some of the additional marijuana tax money to pay for future law enforcement and jails, since DUIs and addicts are vastly going to increase.

Why do I predict this? I grew up in the Los Angeles Chavez Ravine area, prior to the Dodger Stadium existence, in the "La Loma" gang area. I witnessed how lots of my friends ended up becoming hard drug addicts and doing jail time, by starting with marijuana. They bought a tin and a cigarette paper and made their own joints. It was the cool thing to do. YouTube has documentary films of Chavez Ravine.

The politicians are dreaming that the marijuana taxes will erase the red ink of their past pet projects. They are going to get a big surprise. I will close with this saying; "Remember, I told you so."

Augie Aguilar

Santa Maria 

Study of wildland fire issues overdue

From the TV shots, it is clear that the treatment of wildland fires is overdue for some serious study. Your paper also reports enormous suppression costs and that the insurance industry has finally recognized something has to change.

This has nothing to do with the brave individuals who work the fire line, it is to advise management, introduce new technology, to establish the conditions for fire suppression to be effective, and to solve some of the political/jurisdiction problems which have plagued us for too long.

The study must have representatives of fire management, elected politicians, naturalists, technically savvy industrialists, and practicing journalists. The piecemeal approach obviously does not work.

R. P. Patrick

Santa Maria


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