No fracking on our public land 

This matter concerns an attempt to foist on us oil leasing and hydraulic fracturing in 1.6 million acres of our federally-protected public lands here on the Central Coast.

Supervisor Hart's resolution opposing further dangerous oil operations here aims to protect us all. We can hope that a measure of wisdom and courage will also come to supervisors Lavagnino and Adam... if not, we have the next election to correct matters. And, thankfully, 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann deserves our continued support against big oil's candidate, Bruce Porter.

The entire Trump administration scheme to frack here is in pursuit of short-term profit for a few, and more oil and gas than we need or can ever safely use.

There are many well-documented concerns about fracking’s disastrous effects. Its proponents concede that it can contaminate our water, pollute our air, and lead to dangerous levels of seismic activity. Moreover, oil operations and their extensive infrastructure would increase the risk of calamitous forest fires.

We depend on the wisdom of our county supervisors for decisions that will encourage our economy to grow in safe, smart and sustainable ways… ways that bring more good jobs and a wholesome and hopeful environment for our youth, while promoting less, not more, emphysema and cancer.

The board may not have it within its power to block outright this ill-considered plan. We depend on all of our elected officials and agencies of government to work in our best interest. This means simply doing everything possible to place roadblocks to protect our county from the countless destructive effects of this alien and ill-conceived BLM proposal.

Seth Steiner

Los Alamos

Nuclear power is the answer, not blackouts

People are hopping mad at PG&E for blackouts. But is that fair?

If they didn't shut off power and winds sparked new killer fires, the public and government would really come after PG&E - maybe with criminal prosecution.

Redirect anger at governor Newsom and government at all levels. Why has government done nearly nothing to effectively fight global warming?

Supporting wind and solar isn't effective. World CO2 levels keep climbing without pause, as government protects campaign contributors - big oil and gas.

Renewables (wind and solar mainly) cause more burning of fossil fuel. When the sun goes down and the wind stops, natural gas generators keep lights on and keep the big California economy in business.

But we don't hear that truth from politicians. They pretend renewables are the green solution when they've been told by scientists for a long time this isn't true.

Nuclear energy is our best current response to global warming. Fears of nuclear lack one thing - evidence. If it's so dangerous, where are all the dead bodies? We've had nuclear since the 50s and 60s. The land should be littered with the dead and dying if fears about nuclear are valid. In fact, by numbers it's safest of all generation means.

The U.S. Navy is nuclear on main ships. Where are the injured sailors? Answer: there aren't any. None.

Go after real culprits: Politicians, not PG&E for all their faults. No true solution has been implemented because of protection of the powerful fossil fuel industry. But now global warming is starting to hurt capitalism according to the Wall Street Journal.

Damage to seas, forests, wildlife, Pacific Islanders and polar bears isn't so bad. But mess with capitalism, and America gets its back up. And it's happening.

Vote against politicians who don't effectively protect your family's future with big carbon free energy like 24/7 nuclear.

William Gloege

Santa Maria


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