No super-sized sewer in Los Olivos

There is one surefire way to wipe out what remains of the small, quaint town of Los Olivos we know and love: build a super sewer site and an expandable open-air treatment plant on a large parcel beyond our township’s boundaries.

The Los Olivos Community Services District (LOCSD), formed in 2018, was tasked with devising a local solution to our community’s long-standing groundwater quality problem.

Unfortunately, the LOCSD is running out of time. If the board cannot devise a reasonable and cost-effective solution the town will approve by April 2023, the County and State will be free to take over.

Unbeknownst to many, on top of permanently being on the hook for the cost of building, operating, maintaining, and repairing sewer lines and a sewage treatment plant, Los Olivos property owners will bear the costs of connecting their individual parcels to the sewer system.

We must not be naïve. With access to sewer service, the agricultural lands surrounding our small townships can easily be re-zoned to provide for more growth of the type that engulfed Orange County and the San Fernando Valley.

With no local representation or government, our community has no protection from changes to zoning laws. No one on the county Board of Supervisors lives in Los Olivos, and it only takes three votes to rezone ag land. Also, we know that developers donate to campaigns and influence our elected officials.

My suggestions to the board are:

• Go small. Return to the original plan: a compact system, similar to Mattei’s Tavern’s project, in and for the commercial core of Los Olivos.

• Think small. Seek grant funding available to fund planning and building a system for small communities like ours.

• Stay small. Do not give commercial uses and high-density housing development access to a system that will push urban sprawl into our agricultural lands across Highway 154 to the north and towards Ballard to the south.

• Don’t wait. The clock is ticking.

Four of the five LOCSD Board seats are up for election in November. Six candidates are running.

Please save the date for a Candidates Forum on Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Los Olivos Elementary School gym. This forum will be jointly hosted by the Los Olivos Rotary Club, Preservation of Los Olivos (POLO), and Women’s Environmental Watch (WeWatch).

Michelle de Werd

Los Olivos

Read, study, question, vote

May we all hold this vision: May people of integrity, compassion and reason come forth and be willing to serve at all levels of government. May the term "political discourse" stand for publicly and kindly sharing opinions and reasoning and may reasonable compromise take place for the good of the people and democracy. May individuals and groups espousing hate, violence, and destruction be exposed and withered.

This is a nation unique in all the world - one of many cultures, many peoples, many religions. Like the roots of the mighty coastal redwoods may we hold one another up versus allowing our democracy to fall.

Now let us read, study, question and vote.

Ethel Landers

Arroyo Grande

 Judges are subject to error

To argue for the unborn and unvoiced aborted children, I admit that some state supreme courts have defined "life" as the first breath out of the womb. But judges, for all their legal background, are human and subject to error.

The Dredd Scott decision by the Supreme Court, for example, declared all slaves as "property". Their decision in 1972 on Roe v Wade was just as erroneous, see the analogy with clear eyes.

A cucumber seed starts underground, alive and growing as it rises to meet the warmth of the God-given sun. Is an embryo in the womb so different? At six weeks, a heart beat can be detected. Is that not life? We can detect the DNA at 12 weeks and define his or her unchangeable gender, and feel a kick soon after. Is the infant not alive?

Steven Roberts, like many pro-choicers, calls for "reproductive rights" for women. What a clever twisting of words, what a misnomer! More honestly, he wants the right to "un-reproduce". Neither right is in the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Roberts, do you really own the right to kill what you have conceived?

Ed Barba

Santa Maria

Would like zoning laws enforced

Can anyone tell me how to get zoning laws enforced in Orcutt? I live on Ivory Drive and right now there is a huge rental truck unhooked from the trailing sitting in a yeard for over a week, and also, further down, an antique truck. That one is sitting non-operable in a driveway.

I pay a hefty homeowner's fee to no avail.

Barbara Gallagher


Renewables are only a dream

So our Governor asks us not to use electricity between 5 p.m. and  9 p.m. due to over burdening the electric grid. There will be rolling brownouts throughout the state.

Let’s see 5 to 9 p.m. just happens to be when most people are home, living normal lives in their houses, apartments, condos, campers, tents or whatever. Eating dinner, doing dishes, watching TV, reading papers or books. All activities that require light. Light as in electric lighting. But we are asked to not use electricity. Asked by the same group of wizards who just mandated no gasoline powered cars after 2035.

As of 2021, California had just 12.5% of its vehicles powered by electric batteries. The same 12.5% that the governor asked people not to charge between 5 and 9 p.m.

Now imagine when that percentage jumps to 50%, then 70% and finally close to 100%. Newsom had to get the back-up generators going (powered by natural gas) just to keep things from really going dark.

The promise of renewables is just that, a promise. An empty promise! It will never happen in your lifetime unless they perfect and control nuclear fusion. By the way, Newsom also wants to keep Diablo Canyon reactors working because the renewables are not there to take its place.

So, my point being that if we must curtail charging 12.5% of our vehicles for 4 hours a day does that mean 8 hours a day if we reach 25%? Sixteen hours a day at 50%? I can see odd and even license numbers determining which days you can charge and use your electric car. Think it won’t happen?

Remember the wind turbines they wanted to put up in Lompoc? What happened? No matter where there is an attempt to build something “renewable” there will always be a new set of “Nimbys” or “environmentalists” who will sue it out of existence.

So our geniuses in Sacramento who think they are saving the world by passing ridiculous laws will be collecting their fat pensions, drinking pina coladas and never have to answer for the mess they left for the rest of us. Keep voting the same morons into office! Their dreams will be our nightmares and cost us all dearly.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria




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