Santa Ynez Valley Airport Day a success

The 6th annual Santa Ynez Valley Airport Day was a huge success, with 40 aircraft on display, over 1,350 guests in attendance, four scholarships awarded, and more than 60 youth enjoying free flights.

Thank you to all of the pilots and aircraft owners who displayed their planes at Airport Day. Also, a special thanks to those pilots who volunteered their time and aircraft to fly for the Young Eagles event.

Thank you to Dave Romero and the entire airport staff for all of the behind-the-scenes work accomplished in the weeks leading up to Airport Day.

Thank you to the Airport Day committee members: Jen Van Schmus, Allen Maris, Lloyd Sorenson and John Rodkey (all of EAA), Allen Anderson, Bob Perry, Dave Romero, Jim Richardson, Rene Martinez, Rene Minjares, Sam Albrecht and Yves Bajulaz.

A million thanks to all of the volunteers who made this event happen including Civil Air Patrol (Santa Barbara and Santa Maria), Santa Barbara County Sheriff Explorers, Rob Hill and students from Santa Ynez Valley High School automotive program, Chip Fenenga and students from SYVHS graphics arts program, my assistant Patty Hammel and her group of volunteers, Kathy Vreeland and the Buellton Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Ynez Valley Airport Authority board. Your dedication and commitment made for an outstanding day.

Thank you to the sponsors: The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation, Buellton and Santa Ynez Rotary, Santa Ynez Valley Airport Authority, EAA Chapter 491, The Berry Man, Todd Pipe and Supply, Jim Vreeland Ford, Allen Anderson, Lisa & Angel Iscovich, Jim Kunkle Sr., Jon Payne, and John Poitras.

And thank you to all who attended Airport Day! I hope to see you again next year.

Alan Hammel

Airport Day Committee Chair

SYVAA Board Member

Thank you from Youth Rec Queen

Thank you so much for supporting the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation and myself as the 2019 Queen. Your overwhelming support is greatly appreciated by all.

I would like to thank everyone who donated auction items, attended events, helped set up or clean up, the barbecue and kitchen crews, sold tickets, auction help, donated food for events, promoted the events, and everyone who purchased our wonderful items.

Thank you. I would also like to thank the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation board for everything they do for this truly amazing community and for choosing me to be their Queen.

I have had a great time being Queen and meeting so many new people. I hope everyone enjoyed everything as much as I did. We all raised so much money for the youth of the Valley.

Lilly Masopust

Santa Ynez Valley

A reflection on Memorial Day

In a small town in western Pennsylvania on what was then known as Decoration Day, at six years old, I was chosen out of the whole school population of 12 grades to lay a wreath on the grave of the town hero across the road. I didn’t know until I was an adult that I was chosen because that Civil War hero was my great grandfather, and I was so handily a male descendant.

Reflecting on that occasion over the years, I have tried to piece together whether that incident has in turn given credence to my views on war and as a male person in figuring what role I might play if and when the time came to follow suit; that is, also go to war. It may have; at the age of 20 I joined the Army, took 16 weeks of heavy basic training and participated in the last year of the Korean War, and then some!

I’m not a hero, but I can stand tall among my aging years knowing that I faced full on what could have been some other kind of life, perhaps not in keeping with my role as that of a descendant of a Civil War hero, a nephew of a WWI veteran, a cousin to WWII service family members and finally, a cousin to other family members who went to military service during the Korean episode.

“War is Hell!”, said General Sherman. I would add that war is also ironic; an act which, if its instigators had more ability to contemplate alternatives and to reach agreements in peaceful ways, would be unnecessary to carry out. Having said that, I must admit that I, having been a soldier in war, have participated in a form of human folly.

Perhaps, while writing this as Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day, is being observed, I am contemplating that there just may be a missing piece in our human genome. Would that we, myself in particular, could have some higher sense of knowledge through which we may attain a more peaceful - perhaps even a greater - destiny.

Al Thompson



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