Letters to the Editor: Solvang should rethink focus on wealthy; Restrictions on independent contractors hurting; More tolerance, restraint needed

Letters to the Editor: Solvang should rethink focus on wealthy; Restrictions on independent contractors hurting; More tolerance, restraint needed

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Solvang should rethink focus on wealthy

After witnessing another Christmas Tree burn and the miles-long plume of toxins created in Solvang, I’m thoroughly convinced this city doesn’t care about it’s citizens, future generations, or the planet.

Festival after festival they seem to only prove that they will do anything to create profit opportunity for the vendors downtown. They route thousands of vehicles through residential neighborhoods, even past an elementary school, not develop even the most simple of traffic plans, adopt sanctuary city policies eating up the limited housing, and even burn organic matter en masse, and label it “fire safety”.

Anything for profits. Anything for the wealthy. Solvang is a microcosm of the plutocracy that has infected our great country. Shame on you Solvang.

Maynard Frith


Restrictions on independent contractors hurting

Over the past few years since my retirement I have be working as an independent contractor, developing software. Sometimes I work a few hours a week. Sometimes I work full-time for a few months. It’s been a good arrangement for me.

The income has supplemented my retirement income and helped pay my daughter’s college expenses. That has all changed with the passage and implementation of AB 5. I’m no longer eligible to be an independent contractor.

There are thousands of Californians who – by their choice - have enjoyed this arrangement who now may be out of work. It seems to me that two consenting adults should be allowed to make whatever contractual agreement they choose for their mutual benefit. The California legislature and the governor, in their great wisdom, have seen fit to remove this freedom.

Fredrick Lee

Santa Maria

More tolerance, restraint needed

Since my letter of March 28, 2019 about hate crimes, they have not only continued but are increasing. Why you might ask? You have only to look to your leader, Trump, with his constant hateful tweets. I consider them "hate mail". Look at the frequent letters to the editor of this newspaper, which deliver hateful diatribes against "liberals" and other groups and individuals. Look at the output of other world leaders and political candidates, full of hateful rhetoric.

Hate and love are basic human responses. They are primitive feelings. Hate is a response to harm or fear of harm, either physical or psychological, real or imagined. It can be more powerful than love, as in revenge. It grows when it is encouraged by others, as now with social media. So, is it surprising that people who have been hurt, ignored, abused will rise up to fight those whom they deem to be their enemies?

Where are kindness, helpful collaboration and cooperation among diverse groups? These qualities often appear dramatically during and after disasters. Must we wait for more and bigger disasters in order to be kind to each other?

We don't have to subscribe to other peoples' views. We don't even have to like them. But we do not need to hurt or kill them. What we do need is more tolerance and restraint.

Roy Moss, M.D.

Santa Maria


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