Taking stock of the facts

The national news lately has been dominated by hoaxes:

There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, there was not one vote taken from Hillary, nor was there one vote added to Trump's total.

Jussie Smollett was never attacked by two white Trump supporters period.

There is no denying that changes in our climate since Earth was formed are due to Earth’s relative distance from the Sun. However, volcanoes — of which there are 1,500 active and around 40 now erupting according to Forbes — have and will have an effect on our climate.

Multinational real estate corporations like Real Estate Development Associates (REDA) that can afford the best and brightest are investing billions in projects on both the east and west coasts. Would they be putting their money in projects knowing Earth will end in 10 years and that sea levels will rise and swallow us all up?

The U.S. has 15 coal-fired power plants generating electricity and no more under construction. Democrat politicians like Salud Carbajal, with their green new deal, want to shut down the remaining 15 plants to save the planet, however, the rest of the world is in the process of building up to two new coal-fired power plants a month. Right now China has 2,363 coal-fired power plants with another 1,171 under construction. At my count, in just eight countries there are 5,615 projected coal-powered plants. Coal is readily available worldwide, relatively cheap and can be processed to burn much cleaner than in years past.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Oceano Dunes under attack

Two deaths, six people shot on the Oceano Dunes recreational area in a two-week period.

That doesn't really cover the heedless befouling of the once-pristine dunes with noise, dust, litter, oil from the vehicles. It is not safe for a person seeking a mind-cleansing walk along the shore.

The media carefully downplay the number of incidents, crashes, injuries associated with the unsupervised, uncontrolled freewheeling. Of course, this delight, they say, brings in large, highly-inflated revenue to the area.

Even if so, is giving up our precious shoreline to wanton activity really worth it?

Roy Moss

Santa Maria

Small dog, big cruelty

On May 15, around 10:30-11 a.m. I was in my car in parking lot of Washtime Laundry Mat on H Street. I heard a dog crying loudly from the front of Mia Style clothing store.

I saw a guy holding a small, brown-haired dog while he was yelling at him "You must listen to me,” then he hit the dog several times. The dog was very frightened.

The lady whose car parked two spaces from me called the police and Animal Services to report the incident.

I remember his face, his skateboard and most of all his small dog’s frightened face. His act of animal cruelty is not tolerated in Lompoc or in any town in America. He doesn’t deserve to have this loving and innocent living being.

Yenta Hoang



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