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Letters to the Editor: Thankful for Mallard Fillmore comic; Racism and Democrat-controlled cities; Let’s fix our voting laws

Letters to the Editor: Thankful for Mallard Fillmore comic; Racism and Democrat-controlled cities; Let’s fix our voting laws

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Thankful for Mallard Fillmore comic

Thank you Santa Maria Times. In an age of intolerance, media bias and cancelations, I am grateful that you continue to publish Mallard Fillmore, a clever comic that dares to point out the insanity of this era, and has suffered mass censorship because of it. Thank you for the courage to print a broader view of our complex world.

Sean Landers

Santa Maria

Racism and Democrat-controlled cities

Where are the worst offenders of Black and people of color's rights, they are in Democrat-controlled cities, San Francisco Asian attacks, Blacks in New York or Los Angeles and what about Detroit?

Some people of color have continued to vote for Democrat incumbents over the decades and their lives have only gotten worse. Some have seen the truth of it and turned from the Democrat party to possibly a new way of getting representation.

The Democrats are long on words and short on results. Trump personally was not much of a man, but he truly tried to improve the lives of all of the people who are legal residents of our country and to protect and close our borders.

Sleepy President Joe wants to open the flood gates. Not many of those illegal people will go to his home state of Delaware, but will cause mass problems, without federal support, for those of us on the southern border. Instead of sending these people to a arenas in California, Texas and Arizona, I propose we send every one of these people to Delaware (at government expense) and wait for the screams to occur from that state. Again, our lousy governor just meekly allows this to happen because he is a good party puppet.

Do you think Biden will protect the church and state relationship? Not going to happen. The church will lose its constitutional rights and tax exemptions under his administration. You may not believe this but what is happening is the removal of the church from our Constitution.

The current Democrat party is not interested in the Constitution but power and a single-party system. The non-filibuster vote, the attempt to reduce the 60% vote needed to pass legislation to get through the Senate all smack of Lenin. Just read your history how Russia fell, and the process. Single-party control of the masses.

Jeffrey Scott


Let’s fix our voting laws

States control the implementation of the election voting procedures but the federal government can set the minimal criteria to legally comply. Congress is debating a number of procedures to ensure vote validity to include: access, security and timing.

Here are some suggestions. Voter information and ballots should be sent to all registered voters sufficiently prior to election day. All registered voters should have a voter ID number, as secure as our passports or driver's licenses, before receiving ballots. Registration and ballots can be accessed on-line, by postal mail or in person at a polling location using this secure voter ID number.

Adopting online registration access brings our voting procedure into today’s information age, making both registering and voting accessible to all voters from any location. Absentee mail-in registrations and ballots will no longer be required, but can be mailed to those requesting.

Finally, staffing and opening polling places for extended time periods prior to election day should be encouraged. Security procedures critical for validity, hinges on the voter ID implementation and absolute cease and desist counting ballots, not in hands of election officials, by midnight of the election day. That means voters must vote online, send ballots in by mail or hand deliver to polling locations by midnight of election day or the ballot will be void.

The most flagrant security flaw is to allow ballots to be counted “after the polls close”. This provides the nefarious among us opportunity to count ballots, determine who is ahead and by how much, so additional ballots can be found, fabricated or forged to alter the results of the election.

Easier access for all voters online, solid security with voter ID and drop dead election day timeline. Let’s hope our elected officials adopt this pragmatic solution.

Chuck Crockett

Pismo Beach


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