Toussaint offers Solvang a new way

On Nov. 6, Solvang voters will decide whether to choose a mayor who has the energy and ability to help Solvang navigate tough issues and succeed into the future.

• Ryan Toussaint is a sitting council member running for Mayor.

• Ryan was born and raised here in Solvang.

• He’s owned and operated an IT business in the Valley for the last 12 years.

• He has a genuine passion to maintain the quality of life we enjoy and expect here in the Valley.

• Ryan is committed to transparency in our local government and stopping backroom deals outside the purview of public scrutiny

After being elected in 2016, he showed leadership and stopped a proposed water rate increase of nearly 35 percent. He’s also worked hard to stabilize water and sewer rates while increasing quality and ensuring reliable sources to our homes and businesses.

Solvang is going to be facing ongoing issues with water, storm water management, sewer treatment, housing, and head of household jobs and we need a mayor that is up to the task and can operate with transparency and accountability to the public.

I would encourage everyone to check out

We need a new way for a new day.

Daniel Johnson



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