After watching the fires in the hills surrounding Santa Barbara and Southern California last year, I was horrified to see the annual burning of Christmas trees still going on in some communities.

It is time to change the tradition away from fire as being a means of celebration. Even Yosemite dropped the custom of that fireball over the falls a long time ago.

Our elected leaders must change this for our area. We have witnessed way too many fires to keep doing this. We don’t need to be bringing families to a huge bonfire and basically saying, “Isn’t this wonderful?” No, it’s not.

It’s time to change the event to something more in keeping with being more environmentally responsible. There are internet sites that give you more of a background on what can be done that are a lot more constructive for our air quality and our environment.

There are dozens of sites promoting responsible recycling of Christmas trees. Please take a look at them, and do not use fire as a symbol of what to do with your old Christmas trees anymore.

Peg Pinard



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