Tribe should follow plan

Chumash Tribal Chairman Kenneth Kahn states that "the federal government would closely regulate construction on Camp 4 should the land become part of the tribe's reservation.”

What does the federal government know about the Santa Ynez Valley's General Plan?   One must only see the massive, 12-story hotel addition and added parking structure constructed on their reservation to understand why so many SYV residents are concerned about the tribe taking more land into trust.

That high-rise structure with another multi-story parking structure would never have been allowed if the county had oversight over development on the reservation.

The Chumash have a right to build housing on their property. No one is against that. But like other property owners in the Santa Ynez Valley, they must follow the Valley General Plan and have county oversight and local input.

Susan Tate

Santa Ynez

Recycling a big joke?

I recently brought my recycling materials — the majority being plastic soda and water bottles — with a small amount of glass and aluminum containers to be recycled. Or I attempted to do that.

Saturday afternoon, I'm tossing a dozen or so bags of two-liter plastic bottles and small plastic water bottles in my truck. My neighbor said, "Nobody will take those.” I noticed his truck was full of them.

The first place advertised — the website said they were open — wasn't even there. The second one said they wouldn't take plastic, they would take up too much room. I went back to the Von' s parking lot Sunday morning, many people in line, the guy said, "No plastic. Too much room taken up." Albertsons, same thing, except they weren't taking anything. That was it. No place else open.

I paid a 10-cent deposit on each of these large bottles and a nickel on each small one. My not being able to easily and accessible way to get my deposit back amounts to being taxed that same amount. Is this the real motive behind the deposit on the recyclable materials?

Boris Roberts 

Santa Maria

Rep. Carbajal shows colors

Salud Carbajal ran for Congress as a former Marine. As a county supervisor he voted against some of the items important to North County. He is showing his colors again.

He voted against helping our veterans. He has not responded to my letter about the defamation of the American flag, or answered my phone calls to date.

What kind of a Marine was he? Most Marines are proud of their service and their country.

I must repeat, he is a politician and is not listening to the people who put him in office.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria

Marijuana rules issue

As a former mayor of Lompoc, I need your help to petition the City Council to ban the cultivation, manufacture and sale of marijuana products in the city.

The council is now considering adopting an ordinance to permit or restrict the cultivation, manufacture and retail sales of marijuana products within the city limits for recreational and medicinal use.

I am organizing a petition drive asking the City Council not to adopt such an ordinance, but rather to ban or severely restrict such cultivation, manufacture and retail sales of such products for recreational and medicinal use to the extent limited by state statues.

While the use of such products for medicinal purposes might be beneficial for pain management in some dire cases, the licensing of cultivation, manufacture and retail dispensaries will require extensive/expensive inspection and enforcement by city officials, especially the police and fire departments including other staff needed to process licensing, tax-collecting and compliance-monitoring.

There is no benefit to the citizens of Lompoc to engage in permitting recreational use. Adoption of such an ordinance within the city will affect the entire Lompoc Valley. It is essential that all citizens of the Valley help in opposing a permissive marijuana policy and practice within the city limits.

Andrew Salazar



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